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Is it possible for me to jump this high at my height?

i'm 5'8 and i play volleyball..i want to increase my vertical jump.. i jump about 9'1-9'3 right now, do you think its possible for me to jump over 10' at my height? if so, can you give me exercises that you do for your vertical jump? if you have any..

thanks :)

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    Depending on your age there may be more room for improvement. Generally, adolescents improve at a greater speed than adults. There are several exercises you can do to improve your vertical, such as squats, cleans, dead lifts, and calve raises. Plyometrics and sprint training are very popular practices as well. Putting together the workouts and figuring out when to do what is the difficult part though. If you can dedicate the time and put in the work, than you will see the results.

    If you need any help setting up anything or and other exercise/program recommendations feel free to message me.

    Source(s): Currently am 5'7 and can get about 10'3, and have been working in the vertical jump training field for 5 years now.
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    I'm in my high school team and we do a lot of conditioning when we practice. We do a LOT of suicides, then the coach gave us some speed jump ropes to skip with. In really helped us out in the long run, you could notice the other team being in a slower pace than us.

    So basically, if you want to have a lot of endurance, quickness, and speed,

    You need to run a lot.

    Endurance runs, plenty of sprints for explosiveness, skip rope and defensive slides for quickness.

    As for vertical, you need to work on thigh muscles, start off with low weighted squats, then gradually put on more weight as your muscles get stronger. But as I said, the key to improving your conditioning while playing ball, is running, sprints especially.

    If you really want to jump that badly, I suggest you buy a vertical leap training book or videos or something of that accord. I heard Jumpsoles work amazingly.

    Source(s): Experience as guy volleyball player
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    Squats and calf raises. How high you can jump depends on your genetics and how hard you work on it. Also if you are young most likely you can improve.

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    i use to play with a girl who was 4'10 and she was one of the best hitters and blockers i have ever seen. so yes

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    practice and training will help you but heart and dedication is the key.

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