my married niece who lives upstairs with her hubby and 1 yr old son,shes a?

very opinionated and crass little *****who is very self centered .shes noisy too,she does nothing but stomp around her apartment.god forbid i slam a door down here shes on the phone telling me i woke up her son,she drags kitchen chairs along the tile floor at late hours at night.her son,my great nephew,id like to hold,but this idiot will not allow me to hold him,yet my dads aide could hold him,anyone can hold him but me.she has something against me,thats very catty.i do complain about her dang foot stomping in her UNCARPETED APARTMENT!! ;all i hear from sunup til after midnight is bang stompbang sounds like shes wearing 50 pound combat do i get this twerp to stop her noise and how do i go about asking her why she will not let me hold my great nephew,i cant even approach him!


the reason why this question is in the mental health catigory is because i think my niece has a gear loose in her caboose.her actions have to be questioned.

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  • DeAnne
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Rise above her level. Respond in the opposite spirit. Instead of complaining about her noise on your ceiling (her floor), buy carpeting for it. That'll make a huge difference. Tell her the noise really carries and that you'd like to carpet it. Invite her to go shopping with her so she can choose it. Get extra thick padding or something to reduce noise even more.

    Offer to babysit for her anytime she needs "me time", a bubble bath, time out, shopping trip, girls' day...whatever.

    Bake her some cookies, brownies...a batch of soup, stew, a casserole. Say something like, 'you must be so busy with an energetic little one...I thought you could a ready-made dinner.'

    These things show her you care, that you're on her side. You can't expect her to trust you with the baby if she doesn't like you and thinks you don't like her.

    If nothing works and it's totally intolerable, give her 30 days to find a new place. Or sell the house and buy/rent/lease a different one.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Did you knock or call formerly you went up stairs? If no longer then you certainly have been interior the incorrect. additionally, how plenty cases have non knocking/calling incidents got here approximately. in simple terms because of the fact they are your loved ones and that they stay upstairs would not supply you loose reign to circulate barging in whether THERE relatives. once you have everybody renting or staying with you may desire to admire their privateness. it relatively is why landlords sign contracts. in case you probably did knock and get in touch with formerly your visits then she's in simple terms being a drama queen. additionally once you're visits weren't that primary then she incredibly has a controversy. i do no longer think of you would be enemies, yet I do think of that as quickly as she strikes out you the two could desire to sparkling the air. Which the entire Dad concern. Um.....i'm hoping that he would be advantageous. i do no longer think of that it relatively is honest for him to blame you.

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