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Use the graph of the sine function y = 2 sin e shown below. 10 pts!!!?

a. How many cycles occur in the graph?

b. Find the period of the graph.

c. Find the amplitude of the graph.

the graph is Figure 1: Graph of y = sin(x). in this link;

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    As shown in the link you provided, since the function is in the form y = Asin(Bx C) + D, then A=2. (for letter c.) And you can also see when you graph it on your calculator that the top and bottom of the graph is limited to 2 and -2 on the y-axis.

    Cycles are different for each parent (original) function of sine, cosine, or tangent graph. y=sinx is the parent sine function, and y=2sinx is the same when you trace the points on your calculator, so the period is still 2pi because that is where one cycle occurs. One cycle occurs between the window of 0 and 2pi. Depending on what window they want you to use, the answer for a. may be different.

    If they don't give you a window to use for your graph, after entering your equation into y= on your calculator, press ZOOM and 7.

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