Chicago Bulls Game on Saturday?

I need a sportsman or womans help!

My husband and I are flying out to Chicago for his birthday on 4/18 and I wanted to buy him tickets to the Bulls game on 4/20/13, but the tickets on ticketmaster state TBD in time and date? Does that mean that if they loose a game they wont ever make it to that game? Im assuming its the playoffs? Honestly dont know much about the actual rules, but I would greatly appreciate an honest response without the lame comments.

Thank you!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    No the conference isn't set yet so they don't know who they will be playing... Yes it is a playoff game just wait a little then you will be able to

  • 8 years ago

    Well the last bulls game is on the 17th of April which is the last game of the season. The playoffs start on the 21st of April. So theres no game on the 20th. You can but a ticket for the playoff but the schedule has not been released yet

  • Jake
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    8 years ago

    its a playoff game email me

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