EA Worst Company in America?

Guys I'll be pretty straightforward. Is the "worst" real or is it like a sarcastic joke sort of thing?


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    8 years ago
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    "Well, there you have it, folks. In the Consumerist’s annual Worst Company in America Golden Poo awards, EA has managed to come out on top for the second year on a row. This is the second time the company has edged out Bank of America, winning this year by a whopping 78%. Yesterday Peter Moore gave a rather scathing and non-commital “we can do better” speech, blaming all the hate on homophobic people voting against EA because of their stance on LGBTQ issues and people “not liking the choice of player for the cover of Madden”.

    It’s really disconcerting that the COO of a major game publisher like EA doesn’t understand that customers hate half-hearted releases and being nickel and dimed to death by DLC. Wii U owners don’t have to worry about EA’s shoddy business practices since the company has practically forsaken the console, but the Golden Poo award is certainly worth it. I only wish it could be presented to Peter Moore himself." I don't think that it is a sarcastic joke.

  • 8 years ago

    It's not a joke it's true. They do this "worst company in America" every year. And I agree with Americans, EA really terrible/greedy company.

  • 4 years ago

    Yeah, gonna would desire to believe the guy above me. perhaps no longer the worst in united states of america of america(and that i'm no longer american so that's in comparison to i comprehend a ton approximately each and all the businesses there...) yet worst in gaming industry on the least.

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