What car rental companies in Ireland will rent to someone 24 years old?

I am traveling to Ireland this July (2013) and am looking into renting a car for my trip. I will be flying in and out of Dublin. The majority of the trip will be spent driving around the country, rather then staying in the city. I am getting mixed answers regarding the age limit from company sites and outdated reviews. I fully expect to pay a fee because I am under 25 so that is not an issue.

Specifically, who will rent to me?


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  • 8 years ago
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    I just looked up Budget in Ireland, and according to the info there, you must have been eligible to hold a license for at least 8 years, so assuming you got yours at 16, that may be pretty close.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    maximum condominium places operated by making use of benefit, motor vehicle Europe, dollar, corporation, national, and Thrifty will hire to drivers age 21 to 24; yet will comprise regulations and different costs like on a daily basis surcharge and, in maximum situations, you basically isn't waiting to apply promotions or mark downs; you would be required to pay the utmost base cost. additionally, you would be no longer able to hire costly motor vehicle fashions, like convertibles and SUVs. the guy places of a motor vehicle condominium company set their own costs and rules for underage drivers. you will desire to locate that 2 places owned by making use of a similar motor vehicle condominium corporation and placed interior a similar region have thoroughly diverse age standards and price structures. sometimes you could seek for the condominium rules of guy or woman places on the corporate's internet site, yet frequently you will would desire to call each condominium corporation and verify.

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