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Was he trying to use me?

A couple of months ago I started talking to this guy when I was single. We talked relatively regularly, even though I was always the one to initiate conversation and he only seemed enthusiastic when we were playing questions etc. I wasn't sure whether I liked him because I didn't know him, I'd never even met him. He used to tell me he thought I was hot and stuff but never really made an effort or mentioned going on a date or anything, which I found weird, although he did mention on going on a night out in the Easter holidays with some mutual friends so we could "smash it". However, once again he never made an effort to actually arrange anything and when I asked him about it he seemed pretty laid back and that was at the start of Easter. It's nearly the end and he still hasn't said anything to me. Recently I got back with my ex boyfriend who was my first and only boyfriend (I'm 17) as I missed him and we gradually started to get together again. It's what I wanted and I'm happy now, and didn't even think about this guy as he never seemed to make an effort and only seemed interested when our topic of conversation was vaguely sexual or could be implied as being rather flirty. Anyway, I've moved on from all that now, but I'm just a bit annoyed by the way he was with me at the time. Was he planning on using me or did he like me at all?

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    I think that sounds like he was wanting to use you, it's a good thing you got way from him. Seems like he was only interested in sex, or just didn't really know how to do all of this correctly, and go out with mutual friends? If you were going to be the only girl in that situation... I wouldn't bet that was going to be good. He doesn't sound like a good guy, in fact he kind of sounds dangerous.

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