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How do you gain levels on Yahoo! Answers?

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    You need to have 250 points for level 2.

    The best way to get points to level up is answering questions, voting on unresolved questions and getting some best answers.

    Do your daily limit each day.

    Each day at level 1 you can give 20 answers@ 2 points each and you can vote for 25 answers in voting @ 1 point each.

    You can ask 5 questions a day. Asking questions costs 5 points but You get 3 points for choosing a best answer after 1 hour and before 4 days, the best answer gets 10 points plus 1 point for each thumbs up to a total of 50.

    You can Choose a best answer and vote at level 1.

    Take the guidelines quiz for 20 points and Save 3 Y!A searches and receive 20 points

    Level 2 - your daily limits double and you can give thumbs up and down and also post hyperlinks.

    Points and levels system;_ylt=...

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    You need to gain points by answering questions and the more points you collect, the closer you will be to the next level. You need to collect a certain amount of points to move up, level 1 is short and doesn't require that much points to get up to level 2.

    If your answer is chosen as best, then you gain 10 points so try to answer questions as best and presentable as you can. Also vote for other answers to people's questions and this will give you 3 points each time and every time you log in to Yahoo Answers on a daily basis you gain 1 point.

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    By gaining points.

    A good way to do that is select a boring category, Family & Relationships, pick a question that is 2 - 3 days old and has no answers, give a reasonable answer. Repeat 10 - 20 times. Do the same tomorrow. After 4 days, go back and vote for yourself as best answer. That gains you 13 points total per question; 2 for the original answer, 1 for voting, 10 for BA. Once you get in a cycle, continue.

    Note "reasonable". If you answer "Beats me" or "Wow! You really have a problem, don't you?" or "IDK", you'll get reported and suspended. Plus those lost 13 and 14 years old who wonder "Does she/he like me?" will appreciate some attention.

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    You need 250 points to move up to the 2nd level. These suggestions will get there in3-4 days maybe sooner. To move up answer lots of questions, the maximum you can do every day, that's 20 at your level, you get 2 points for each so 40 points per day, always trying for best answer they give you ten points. Before posting a question do a search , searches are free, asking a question costs you five points, be sure to return and pick best answer that way you get 3 points back. Be sure to vote for undecided questions, you get a point for each vote so up to 25 points each day.As you move up in levels you acquire more participation privileges.

    You can also earn 20 points by taking the quiz.

    For subsequent levels do more of the same.

    level 3: 1,000

    level 4 2,500

    level 5: 5,000

    level 6: 10,000

    level 7: 25,000

    To check the complete setup and privileges:;_ylt=...

    Another helpful link.;_ylt=Ao...

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