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Free concert, How can I get parents to let me go?

Ok so I'm 14 and my 2bestfriends have an extra VIP backstage pass to a Pierce the veil and a day to remember (bands that play hardcore punk) I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN EXPAIN it. I live in Houston and the show is in San Antonio. If I go I go to her house tonite and we leave tomorrow and come back on Sunday after a stay at a hotel. now my parents hate that I listen to "that" music and I know they won't let me go. BUT I HAVE TO . How can I convince them??????! Please help I need to know by like 6:30.

Keep in mind I don't have to pay anything, oh and her mom and 4 other lady friends are coming to the entire show and hotel room with us. No boys completely supervised. I don't want to lie to the but I will I I have to.

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    Can you have your friends mom call and talk to your parents? Sometimes hearing from another parent make it easier for them to say yes. Good luck :)

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