Cyber Security or Computer Science major?

I'm going into college this fall and I've heard CS is one of the best majors out there (and one of the hardest) but I'm honestly afraid of outsourcing. I know Cyber Security is something that isn't as likely to be outsourced compared to something like programming, and Cyber Security will always be needed, especially in the future.

Which is the safer/better major?

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    7 years ago
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    Computer science is NOT programming. You'll learn to program as part of a CS degree, but that's only a small part - and many say the easiest part ;)

    Cyber security can just as easily be outsourced as other parts of IT. I wouldn't let this fear dictate my choice since good CS/IT people continue to have a very good job outlook.

    I would see it this way: computer science is MUCH broader than cyber security. Somebody with a CS degree can work in cyber security, but somebody with a cyber security degree will find it difficult to get a job in a different area of CS. Because of that, I'd choose CS. Gives you much more flexibility on the job market and in terms of career development.

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