FBI vs Local undercover?

Ok what exactly is the difference between and FBI undercover and a Local undercover officer. Does FBI do more serious long term operations, and how does jurisdiction go for a mission (ex: If its a drug takedown, how is it determined whether DEA, FBI, or Locals get jurisdiction) Also if i want a family, which one would allow me to see my family (not looking for the safest) Thanks in advance


And what exactly does state police do?

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    The FBI investigates violations of federal crimes. A local officer investigates violations of state crimes.

    The local police department will always be the lead agency for a crime in their jurisdiction. Arguments over jurisdiction may make for good drama in the movies, but are rare. Agencies work together.

    I'm not aware of any studies comparing which profession has the most free time. There are too many variables.

    I disagree with the answer Lost In Time gave. The FBI would never work in a city without notifying the local police department. That is a serious officer safety issue. Also, a police officer can and will continue pursuit if a violator leaves his jurisdiction. The legal principles are called "hot pursuit" and "fresh pursuit".

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    The FBI has nation wide authorization for undercover work


    With out local police notification


    The local Police departments only have authorization to work in their location


    When a police car is in pursuit of a car for violating a traffic law and pass over into another police departments territory


    That officer has to get permission to continue the pursuit from that police department dispatcher


    Who in turn gets their police in volved in the pursuit


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