Where can i go get my tongue splitted?

I live in chicago and I am willing to travel to any state that is around illinois, I've been email-ing tattoo/piercing shops to see if they practice tongue splitting but unfortunately they don't. Spare me your pointless "ew don't do that" "you're going to regret it" comments. Please and thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Duh you won't find a tattoo/piercing shops that wants liable for that. You have to go to an oral/plastic surgeon.

  • 8 years ago

    *sparing you* but I heard of a shop in New York that does it. Not sure where but that does cut down oh 49 states lol. Also some shops in Canada, its not really legal here in US. I live in AZ and Steve Hayworth DOES know how to split a tongue, and he does travel, but he doesnt like to do it. He split his wifes tongue, but made her wait 10 years.

    Its easier for them if you have a healed tongue piercing because then they have a stopping point that wont begin to seal back up on itself. And MAKE SURE if you get it done they put gauze in-between the halves or you have a high risk of it healing back together, and the scar might prevent you from talking.

    Source(s): Wanted to do alot of stuff, even becoming a body mod artist but not sure if it is a life path for me yet.
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