What book synopsis sounds better?

Synopsis 1)

Robin Jackson, a sixteen-year-old striving artists finds herself in an unthinkable mess when she finds out that her only living relative lives within the walls of a mental institutuion. Her mother and father abandoned her at birth for a reason no one can think of. One day she goes to meet this relative, and she is suprised to see that she reminds her of a woman in her dreams. After a while of visits her relative dies from unknown causes, and she is left to nothing but a letter in the mail from over a year ago explaining what was happening. She is an Angel, and everything she's known to be true has been a lie. Her mother is trying desperately to reach out to her through her visions, but nothing is making sense. Then she is forced to make a decision- have her wings cut, or live a life she has never known.

Synopsis 2)

June Washington's mother is on the brink of death, and is given five years maximum to live. Each day she dreams of what life was before her mother was diagnosed with MS, like "sitting on the swings and watching the cars go by", or "dancing to some old school song just to make her smile". Her sister Nana is pregnant, but there is no one to help with the child, so she moves back in with them and decides to help her mother. Curtis, her father has dealt with enough and resorts to drinking-heavily. The verbal abuse from her father only deepens the depression of living without her fully functional mother. She prays for happier days but they never come. The evening of October 12th, she decides to break from her old life, and commits suicide, but what she finds on her journey into the pit of death is not the release she was looking forward to. And the future that comes after that surprises her dearly. One death could impact everyone she's ever touched.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The second one, definitely.

  • 8 years ago

    2 Caught my attention right away but #1 bored me half way through and I would have put it down in a book store.

  • watt
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    4 years ago

    definite! Haha, i'm in fact Russian, and it must be cool to envision a e book about my u . s . a .. :P yet in any case, the idea is tremendous. Veryyyyy unique! i ought to definately examine it. (:

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