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Fastest way ever to lose fats?

17 years old male. 190 CM tall. 91 kilograms. 20.9 body fat percentage. Pear body type.


I do work out but I have only lost 3.5 KG in 1 month and half but on the other side I lost 7 KG before in two weeks only due to fitness exercises and a bit of gym workouts. I'm so eager to lose weight (6-10 kilograms) in a month. Please help me!!

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    Young men looking to loose weight on a sports team usually go to their coaches for advice for this sort of thing -- or if the coach thinks they aren't in the right weight group they will help them towards their goals. My bf used to be about like you, and all he did was each day he'd take away something that wasn't the best for him and add a protein shake, or something with a lot of protein. Then he'd make sure to get around 30 mins of physical activity per day, stressing weights and so on in order to build muscle mass. Once you've gained muscle, I've learned from my college nutrition course that muscle pretty much EATS fat. The more muscle you have, the more metabolism you have that will digest the foods you intake easier, and allow you to eat more (more healthy things that is, in order to loose fat). This is typically the only way to loose fats because when my bf tried things like only doing cardio, and eating less, that he actually gained fat and lost muscle mass.

    So the trick is to eat lots of healthy food items, and choose one thing per week that is bad to get rid of from your diet, with weights and exercise for at least 30 mins per day, with one rest day per week. By the end of a month you should have dropped some fat and gained muscle... and remember muscle weighs more than fat so don't be discouraged by what you see on the scale.

    Source(s): Nutrition course
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