How to ask a girl to be your gf (highschool)?

we haven't been dating, which can't really happen where we live (middle of nowhere heh). We're both in 10th grade. I get most signs that she likes me and some how she figured out i like her and asked me if i still liked her because she was "wondering"

i wanna ask her to be with me soo bad (not dating is typical as most people including her and another guy just jumped into a relationship) i just don't know where or how to do it. Would it be weird if i just asked?

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  • Lessy
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    8 years ago
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    Are you guys even friends yet? Bf/gf is a meaningless title if you don't even know each other. I would think it was weird if a guy i didn't really know wanted to be my boyfriend.

    If you guys are friends, then just get her alone one day and tell her how you feel about her. If she likes you too, it sounds like she does, ask her to be your girlfriend

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