How far away from a nuclear bomb can you survive? Nuclear war question please help :)?

I'm sure you're all aware of the nuclear war threat, tbh, I'm 13 and I don't know much about it, I'm abit worried/curious and If you know anything I would to know :)

I live in England Stoke-On-Trent, I was wondering if a nuclear war happened between America and Korea, would it effect us? I know we would probably side with America and then Korea might Nuke London, I'm a bit worried that I might die. Haha I sound so casual but still, even if I do sound stupid, I'm 13 and I know nothing about it, thanks for all your help! :3

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    8 years ago
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    a 100 megaton cobalt salted hydrogen bomb will pretty much ruin your day . the immediate death radius is about 50 miles . in the next 50miles most will die from the radiation in a week or so . all the hype you hear about north korea is the US military industrial complex / zionist agenda of greed trying to keep the bloated pentagon budget from being cut . it is all a phony media propaganda campaign to keep the war profiteers pockets full .

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    There is no realistic threat. N. Korea's missiles can't reach you, or the US for that matter. Their threats are meaningless.

    Second, the US will not use nukes against N. Korea. They're far too messy. The same effects can be had with a handful of cheaper missiles, without the massive destruction, death, or radioactive cloud blowing over China, Japan, and eventually, the US...

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    8 years ago

    You and the UK have 'zero' to worry about.

    North Korea is exactly way over on the other side of the earth from the UK. North Korea couldn't get a missile that far in the next 1000 years. Only a very few countries have that capability for the 21st century....superpower US, ex superpower Russia, Britain itself, France and probably China and possibly one else has world wide capability. North Korean missiles can only go a short 1500mph or less distance so it can only hit countries next to it like South Korea or Japan or some nearby islands in the Pacific.

    Everyone is 13 once....what you should know is...there are nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons...their not all the same and there's big differences (too bad the media doesn't give detail).

    There's two types.....

    The old fashioned primitive ones of WWII time (70 years ago) also called 'atomic weapons' (North Korea's aren't even that good).

    The modern 21st century type also called thermonuclear intercontinental weapons (100 times better and 1,000 times stronger than WWII) only the US, Russia, UK, France, possibly China and Israel have these.

    For North Korea... it's figured by US/ UK intelligence they have about 7 old style nuclear (atomic) warheads of about 5k each (the bombs power rating). The atomic bomb the US dropped on Japan (with UK agreement) to end WWII back in 1945 was 20k (4 times bigger than what North Koreans have now 68 years later!). The North Korean missiles if they could get a warhead on a missile have only a short 1500mi range.

    Modern nuclear warheads (thermonuclear kind) like the US and UK have are 17 times more powerful than the WWII one (333k each) and there are 3 per missile making each US/UK missile 50 times more powerful than WWII and 200 times more powerful than a North Korean bomb now. Each modern missile has 12 times the range (12,500 miles) and can hit anywhere on earth. The US has 5000 of these modern warheads, Britain 200....compared to North Korea's 7 of the worse than WWII ones with 1/200th the power and 1/12 the range.

    North Korea has said if it fired it would hit Tokyo a city of 13 million and 1000 sq.mi. (about the size of London). If their 5k device hit Tokyo it would blow up about 1 sq. mi. and kill about 20,000 people. About 10% of the city would also have to be evacuated, that's about it.

    If 1 modern warhead (like only US, UK, France, Russia, China, and probably Israel have) hit the same city 10 sq. mi would be blown up, 500,000 killed, at least half the city would have to be evacuated. If all 3 warheads of a modern US/UK missile hit a city like London or Tokyo the city would be virtually destroyed....1/3 (300 sq. mi) obliterated, 2-4 million dead the whole thing evacuated.

    You can research in google the phrases...atomic bomb...thermonuclear bomb...nuclear weapons...kiloton... megaton....effects...blast radius...north korean missiles...UK nuclear weapons...US nuclear weapons...for more.

    For the North Korean device if you were 1 mi away and inside you'd probably survive. If you were 2 or more miles away and outside you should survive. For one of the much more powerful modern US/UK warheads you'd have to be 10 miles away.

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    8 years ago

    Why is everyone so worried that America and North Korea's going to war? Heres how it would go..... If (big IF) North Korea even attempted to shoot a nuke at America, North Korea would be wiped out long be their nuke made it half way

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  • 8 years ago

    It would depend on WHICH way the Wind was blowing... Because radioactive Fallout can drift a LONG Way from the site of the Explosion...

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    they could desire to survive, what else will I actually be able to eat in abundance after the nuclear fallout? in addition they would be my purely source of entertainment as quickly as all my gadgets die from the EMP, once I prepare them to accomplish tricks and such.

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    I find it amusing to listen to you people think you know what would happen and who has what. Yeah, like YOU of all people or any of us minions have the faintest idea of what weapons these people have. We know what they WANT us to know.

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    8 years ago

    u will die if the war begins, we all will ;)

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