David letterman/harmony korine?

Letterman says " do you know ruby wax?"

Harmony says " I never met him"

Everyone laughs

Paul salutes

...I don't get it... This is in the 1997 interview it's on YouTube. Also letterman said he lifted the ban does anyone know when korine will be on the show again?


I kindof got that.. I just don't get the salute... Was korine being sarcastic because he said I never met "him"

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    7 years ago
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    David was eluding to the fact that Harmony was 'high' during the interview. That's why David said "this is the reason they invented childproof caps".....suggesting that it was too easy for Harmony to open a pill bottle.

    Ruby Wax is an American comedian who mostly worked in London. She was known there as the 'poster girl for mental illness'.

    That's what David meant.

    He's not scheduled to be on the show at this time.

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