Need advice should I move on or what?

Ok there is this girl that I've liked for a bit know well i told my friend to tell her that i'm interested so he did but she didn't know who i was so my friend told her my name i had a class with her then the teacher said my name then that's when she realized that it was me next class she came out of nowhere we sit on opposites sides of the class and she came over and asked me for a dollar i gave it to her she said thank you. she would constantly sit by me but i was to shy and didn't talk to her well yesterday for Valentines day i got her an humongous bear card and candy the card said something like she's unapproachable not in a bad way or obviously i wouldn't be doing this so i figured since it was valentines i would show you how i feel my cousin gave it to her at first i guess she forgot who i was my cousin told me she was curious.

so today i approached i told her that it was me and she was like that was so sweet, you made my day, a lot of that. and i told her don't be a stranger anymore she smiled said ok and we parted ways. So today i approached her again before i approached her she was already smiling my way so i said hi she did also and i asked could i talk to her for a minute she said yeah sure if you want then i told her i barely know you and for some reason i have developed feelings for you idk how and when it happened it, so i was wondering then she stopped me and said that she is "talking" to someone and i said ohhh i respect that thank you for telling me, she said ok then i walked away know what do i do?why didn't she tell me from the start why is it know she tells me what do i do know when i see her? thanks in advance, also like 2 days ago i found out her dude and her broke up, now she is constantly looking at me what do you think she is thinking?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ok this is from a girls point of view...She doesn't really know who you are , your still pretty much a stranger to her. So don't scare her away by telling her how your feeling. Try and get to know her better and form a friendship with her. This is just a crush your is when you know the person well and still love and accept them even when you know their flaws. So maybe it is best to just be friends with her while you get to know her then if you think she is the girl of your dreams then take it from there. Good luck! :)

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