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Bringing home a Rottie puppy with 2 yorkies ?

We are thinking of buying a rottweiler. My husband has had them in the past, and has been wanting one for awhile. Here is my dilemma; we have 2 yorkies. Our female is very easy going and loves everyone. Our male....not so much. He gets very aggressive at times. He can be very play-full with our other yorkie, but he tends to get in these "moods" where he gets aggressive, growls, and snaps. I don't know how the rottie will respond to this. I don't want to come home from work to find something went wrong! We are going to take her to puppy school and get her well socialized, but I don't know if it will be enough to tolerate my little guy! Is there anyone out there with a similar issue that can lend some advice?

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    8 years ago

    Your first problem is that you haven't established the hierarchy of the pack. You are suppose to be first and the dogs second and equal. You should not allow aggressive or dominant behavior from any of your dogs. You would accept it from the rottweiler so why would you allow it from the yorkie. Just because he is small and cute is not an excuse. Treat all the dogs the same, socialize them and take them all for walks together to build the pack bond. Remember to make sure you are in the lead and they are beside you or behind you. This will establish yourself as pack leader. Make sure you correct any unwanted behavior and the only behavior you tolerate is them being calm submissive. Do not praise, reward, pet, feed, etc. until they are in a calm submissive state. Any other state and you are reenforcing the behavior.

    I hope this helps

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    If you do get a Rottweiler, make sure to get it as a puppy. Your yorkies wont want to harm a helpless puppy. And the puppy will not even think to harm your yorkies! It will all work out if you get it as a puppy, there might be a few snaps but they will get used to eachother! (: Good luck!

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    I think it is fine to have a larger dog living with smaller dogs, I would recommend some dog class for your Yorkie since he will be more likely to instigate than any of the other parties. If need be, crate the Male Yorkie while you are out of the house so he can't cause trouble with the other dogs.

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    yes my puppy was terrified then we took her to puppy school and now she is not terrified any more

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