Heart Attack or Anxiety?

I woke up today feeling really off, and I have been really sleepy today for no reason. I have a headache and I'm a little dizzy and I have this chest pain that feels like pressure that radiates all the way to my neck, and my left arm hurts. Normally I suffer from panic attacks, but today it feels different and I am really scared. I went to a doctor yesterday for a different medical reason and my lungs, blood pressure, and oxygen levels were normal. That stuff can't change within a day can it? Someone, please help, I'm not sure if I should go to the ER or not.


No one in my family history has ever gotten a heart attack so young, but it's happened to both my grandfathers at an old age. High blood pressure runs in the family but mine was 100/60.

Update 2:

Also, I forgot to add that an EKG was done last week and a chest x-ray two weeks ago. They were normal.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I also suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. And trust me, the feelings and sensations you get can vary IMMENSELY.

    Usually I just feel short of breath, fatigued, and just a nervous feeling over my heart. But I've had a few days in a year where I swore I was having a heart attack/heart failure because I felt so differently than I usually do with anxiety. It's a scary feeling because you just don't feel right, and you feel different than your usual symptoms, but that's how it works. I'd be willing to bet money it's anxiety. It can make you feel really really awful.

    Also, It sounds like you're checked out pretty good. I wouldn't worry.

    If you have any xanax or a different kind of benzo, use some and see how you feel. You may think it won't help or it may make you feel worse, but just trust me. I thought i was going into heart failure once and my Mom made me take a xanax, which I thought would just kill me but it surprisingly totally relieved me. Best of luck to you!!

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, CLEARLY it's ANXIETY. You just had your heart checked and it was fine.

    Give us a break, kid. Jee.

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