Can you hand wash a coat that is 43% WOOL, 43% polyester, 8% acrylic, 5% etc?

I really don't want to get this coat dry cleaned but it is a light color and I feel like I need to wash it. ANy advice? This item is 43% wool.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Wash in cold water with Woolite.Due not use hot water.

  • Go for it, just hand wash using cold water & Woolite and hang to dry. Reshape first of course. I would stretch it a bit too because wool has a tendency to shrink up in any type of water.

  • braud
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    4 years ago

    confident in case you wash it such as you will possibly a wool sweater. Use 0 for darkish wool outfits. Wash by way of hand. stick to instrustions on 0 bottle. Then squeeze water out , then roll in towels. Then lay out flat on towels to dry.

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