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Girl help.....................?

so there is this girl in my class who I think is super attractive. She was telling me and my friend about how she dumped her boyfriend a few months back, and I haven't told her that I'm attracted to her because I didn't want to interrupt or "get in the middle" of their relationship. Now, keep in mind that I DO NOT HAVE a crush on her. I simply find her very attractive. I walked up to her after class and just flat out said "I think you're really ******* hot". She started blushing and said thank you in this kind of nervous voice with a smile. I realized she probably thought I liked her so I tried to correct myself but I just kept rambling on asking her if she understood what I meant because I couldn't think of what to say at that time. Long story short, her ex-boyfriend came up to me a few minutes later and ended with "Good Luck", all of her friends think I have a crush on her and now even she thinks I do. I couldn't find her at the end of the day to clear this up and things like this spread VERY quickly.

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    god, you REALLY dug yourself a big hole there. the biggest thing to avoid here is DO NOT LEAVE THE ISSUE ALONE! if you leave her to her thought she may come to have a crush on you (thats not to say she might not already). find an oppertunity to talk to hot girl in private and explain you're feelings, but be sure to be sensative, girls can get really wound up if they thing no boy can like her, and under no circumstance tell her why you don't. then find a way to tell the rest of the school. if you have a school newspaper, ask the publisher to make a note for you, or get hold of a mega phone.

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