How to persuade parents to study abroad?

I am turning fifteen in twelve days and i have been thinking about studying abroad in south Korea. i am a freshman this year i don't know if id be in a different grade over there. i am really interested in south Korea since some of my family is from there and are currently living there. Also i am part Korean! I have been researching some high school exchange programs online and i have found one called youth for understanding. A lot of teens have exchanged through that program and i really want to try doing a year or semester/trimester in south korea, but my problem is my parents! My dad is a tough one. He'd never think of me going to another country for so long and alone to add! My mom is a bit better, but i still have a long way to go before persuading her and i really need some tips. I also want to help them pay for some fees (i.e. toiletries, application fees, etc.) or find a cheaper exchange program/apply and get a scholarship. Please help! also if i get to go study abroad how will i understand the teacher if they only speak Korean? I will be learning Korean plus the few words i know but how will earn good grades and good credits? Could any help? if you need more details 'id be happy to answers any questions but just someone help! (by the way i have watching "sheytowherever" and "whyhellokorea" 's channels and videos on youtube.)


btw i tried talking to her recently and she said if it wasn't for the money she really wouldn't mind me going. can anyone help me by persuading her even with the cost?

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    8 years ago
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    I cant help with the whole question, bu i can help with trying to persuade your mum.

    I dont know how long ago you broke it to her that you want to study abroad, but if you can let her get use to the idea. Some point sit her down, and be mature. Explain, it`s your life and its not often opportunities come about, lifes to short to have regrets. Then say that you have worked hard to get the grades you need to get abroad, and you feel that your work shouldnt go to waste. Talk about how having a place abroad on your CV looks AMAZING. Employers love the idea of people who have experienced different cultures. Mention it will give you life skills that you woudlnt get anywhere else, and your independnace will make you grow as a person.

    it was harder for me as i am the only child, my mum cried but she accepted that i have to fly the nest one day, as do you.

    Just remember that your parents have spent 15 years (nearly) raising you, and they don't want to see their child leave.

    cant tell you how to pursuade your dad as i havent told mine yet haha

    your doing the right thing with learning the basics of the language, if you do go there you will pick up the language quickly. Its like my mate who imigrated from italy to england a year ago, he is nearly fluent. if your not a native you will pick the language up so quick.

    good luck

    i hope you fulfill your desire

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    Given the current political issues, I doubt you could convince your mother this is a good idea.

    When North Korea stop threatening South Korea, try again.

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    8 years ago

    Point out how safe SK is and mention that you will be close to your family that is still in the old country. mention how you would retain more of the culture there than staying here.

    good luck

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