What to do for vacation: Two options?

I'm at UCF student (university of central Florida) I live about an hour from Orlando, and soon enough (beginning of May) I can take out some time for myself. So far I have come up with 2 options:

1. Buy an annual pass to all 4 Disney parks and I cannot attend on blackout dates or the weekends, which is okay for me, and the cost between my fiancé and I would be around $400 or so for the year. There is an 89 dollar deposit fee and we can pay $20 a month to pay this off.

2. Go to Discovery Cove and swim with the dolphins, get free food all day and the equipment to swim/snorkel, as well as get 14 consecutive days of going to Sea World or Aquatica, and for $20 more Busch Gardens

This ranges for about $400 or so between my fiancé and I as well.

This is hard to choose!!! I will take any advice from someone who has been to any of these parks and a little help in deciding would be nice!!

We are 22 years old so I'm not sure if Disney theme parks would be just as much fun for me as it would for kids.. I've been to some of the parks before, but it was years ago and I can hardly remember what it was like.

Originally I wanted to go to Tennessee/North Carolina to hike in the mountains, but that is too much planning and can be very expensive.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I would go hiking in the mountains and enjoy real nature, not artificially created "nature" at Disney. There is no planning involved and it isn't that expensive. Go to www.townsendviewrentals.com and find a nice little cabin. Download the map of GSMNP at http://www.nps.gov/grsm/index.htm and each morning just pick a place to visit and hike.

    Source(s): TN resident from Central FL
  • 4 years ago

    in the journey that your occurring my own circulate on the bus excursion. i in my view have completed Trafalgar and a few different bus journeys. have self assurance me, its rather well worth it. I even have been to places the place i did no longer and that i neglected one million/2 of the cyber websites by using fact i did no longer comprehend the thank you to get there or the place precisely they have been. in case you circulate circulate to a 2d time someplace then you certainly can do it by skill of your self, yet, on the excursions they prepare you each thing, carry your on your lodge, eating places and whilst theres long lines at a internet site you do no longer wait in any lines, you in basic terms circulate in by using fact its already planned by skill of the bus driving force.

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