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2002 GMC Envoy persistently beeping?

Hey Guys,

My 2002 envoy is beeping at me every 45 seconds or so, it is a single beep that sounds like a door ajar beep. Here is what i know so far:

1. Nothing is on my dashboard indicating that something is wrong

2. tire pressure is good

3. doors are all closed

4. all of my caps are on(gas cap, radiator cap, etc.)

5. battery voltage is good

6. oil levels are good(changed oil 3 weeks ago)

7. all filters are good.

8. no buttons are being accidentally pressed(e.g memory-seat adjuster)

9. I have about half tank of gas.

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    any aftermarket equipment? alarm, starter, etc....

    i don't see a lot of problems with the symptom you're describing. i would check for trouble codes in every module. dealership only, please. go from there. possibly a door switch corrosion, or a body control module issue.....hard to say without sitting in the drivers seat and listening myself

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    Chances are you have a burnt out light bulb. Could be headlight, tail light, turn signal, running light, fog light, reverse light. Thats why its beeping.

  • Matt
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    8 years ago

    Are u and all your passengers buckled up? That's the only think I could think of

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