Can you tell me what my birth chart means? Confused!?

Sun: Aries 8th House

Rising: Leo

Moon: Leo 1st House

Mars: Pisces 8th House

Mercury: Pisces 7th House

Venus: Aries 9th House

Jupiter: Sagittarius 4th House

Saturn: Pisces 7th House

Uranus: Capricorn 6th House

Neptune: Capricorn 6th House

Pluto: Scorpio 4th House

True Node: Scorpio 4th House

**Day of Birth: March 24, 1994**

Thank you so much!!

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    Sorry to disappoint you, but your 'chart' means nothing. Some 'astro' fool has decieved you. It's not YOUR fault, it's theirs. Throw the chart away, stop worrying about the nonsense of astrology and enjoy the rest of your life.

    If you are ever unfortunate enough to speak with any of these 'astro' freaks, ask them to prove to you their successes; not how many books they have sold or how much commission they have made, real successes., involving the people whose money they have taken.

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