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What is it called when you are both Sunni and Shia?

What is it called when you are both Sunni and Shia?

Please answer nicely Muslims! Salam


Is there a specific name?? 10 Points for best answer

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    You cant be both a Sunni and a Shia since Sunni beliefs go against Shia beliefs

    you are more of a Sunni or a Shia or just call yourself a Muslim

    You can follow somethings of Shia beliefs or Sunni beliefs but you are more of one than the other so you can call yourself more of that sect be it Sunni or Shia

    NO I don't think there is a specific name for it

    Just rather call youself a Muslim

  • Fiaz
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    8 years ago

    you cant really be something in between brother. a sunni cannot be a shia as the rules do not alow it but the rules for a shia are exagerated versions of that of the sunnis so you could be both sunni and shia if you where a shia but not if you are a sunni. if you have to choose brother, then i urge you to leave shiaism and become a sunni, this is the true islam, if you are confused please consult a sunni scholar immediatly as you imaan is at risk my borther, at this time i can only hope you make the right choice. inshallah you will become a sunni and die with imaan.

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  • JustMe
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    8 years ago

    I'm answering this as nice as possible..so honest answer for your question is: MORON.. :) Anyone who is stupid enough to mix a True and Lie together should really just be a faithless person. Peace for you should God Wills it..

  • Dila
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    8 years ago

    you are a Muslim..which name would you want other than that...ah....why would people separate them self's over this..you believe in Allah and Mohamed peace be upon him as his last messenger..why would you be called any thing but a Muslim...

    we shall work to gather muslims not to separate them...


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