Why didnt God know Adam and Eve would disobey Him?

And then punish them and make them imperfect after they sinned? Does this mean God didnt know they would disobey; therefore canceling out his omniscience? It's impossible to have infinite knowledge and not know what's going to happen isn't it?


@no chance without Jesus, then why would he create something if he already knew it was going to hell?

Update 2:

Oh I like the convenience of your answers, so God chooses to neglect knowledge and live outside of time, makes perfect sense... One problem though, he wouldn't be omniscient if that were the case. That's a huge whole in logic

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    This world is a class room/laboratory for God's infinite number of Sons. Eternal life with God, is what God desires for us. God never intended this world to be our home. He does require our maximum effort while we are here. We are part of a bigger picture.

    Evolution began millions of years before Adam and Eve.

    1.Man was MADE(evolved) millions of years ago.

    2. Adam and Eve was CREATED thousands of years ago.

    Thousands of years ago God decided to teach man to think like God (let us make man in our image) (Gen. 1:26.)

    So GOD (He didn't say "us" this time)CREATED, Adam and Eve in His image - Nephilims(Sons of God designed for earth). Gen. 1:27.

    Adam and Eve were suppose to teach, not mate with man(forbidden fruit) .

    If you mate with man you die(become man).

    When Eve mated with man (not Adam), Cain was born the first human(God + man).

    Disappointingly, Cain did not inherit the image of God from Eve as the Devil had promised he would. Cain still needed to be taught the Gospel.

    Adam mated with a woman(not Eve).

    Jesus does not teach the "Original Sin Theory" that we are inherently guilty because of Adam's sin.

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    I've thought about this, and there is only one answer that makes sense. God was deliberately setting Adam and Eve up to fail.

    If they hadn't fallen for the serpent-and-apple trick, He would just have found a better one (and maybe the Bible writers missed out all the failed schemes to save space. After all, only the one that worked was important). On the other hand, maybe He wouldn't need to bother with anything if he knew it would not work already.

    Anyway, God knew it was going to happen, and He also knew that He was going to regret it. And even though He made the rule in the first place that required sins to be paid in blood, and even though He could have changed it anytime He felt like, He still sent His son to be sacrificed to pay for everyone else's sins, whether or not they had even done any.

    And the only way any of this makes sense, is if God is some kind of bully who pretends to be your friend so He can use you for His own sick entertainment.

  • 5 years ago

    Adam and Eve were adults. God gave them the whole lot, lifestyles, a dwelling, meals ect. Nonetheless, God also gave them ONE rule ~ to not devour from ONE tree. They each knew of the consequences if they disobeyed (see Genesis three: 2, three). The predicament used to be: follow God's rule or disobey God & make your possess principles (learn Genesis 3:4). They'd each cause to trust God and out of appreciation they will have to have obeyed. Rather Adam and Eve depended on a stranger ~ a talking snake...It fee them their lives.

  • 8 years ago

    I would say the better question is did Adam and Eve know that disobeying god was "Evil" before eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

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    8 years ago

    God did know that Adam and Eve were going to disobey Him at some point, whether it was going to be before they ate from the Tree of Life (become immortal) or after.

    And not just Adam and Eve, but one of their descendants at some point.

    So I believe God allowed them to be tempted prior to them becoming immortal, because this way they wouldn't have to forever be stuck in their sins.

    Do understand though, this does not mean it was God's fault why they sinned, they sinned on their own accord. God just allowed them to be tempted of the devil, for the greater good.

    Eve did know that she wasn't suppose to eat from the tree, as she corrected the serpent

    (Genesis 3:3) "but God did say, 'You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.'"

    So clearly , this kind of knowledge of good and evil, was to 'experience' it.

    They never experienced what evil was, to know what it means to experience good in contrast to it.

    This does not mean that they didn't know to obey God though, because clearly Eve did know.

  • Erin
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    8 years ago

    Why did god just make Adam? His own creation had to tell god that he was lonely so god would make him a companion. If god is all knowing, why didnt he know that? It shows that either there is no god. Or the god we've got is dumber than a bag of hammers.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because we have free will.. god knows what he wants the humans to do in the long run. but he's not gonna make you do something right now! and there's some people who disobey god's orders in the bible but god get's his way after!

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  • Topher
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    8 years ago

    According to Christian Theology, God knows everything because he is omniscient. Therefore, God knew that they were going to sin and put them there to sin. He knew he was going to punish them and he knew he was going to put sin into the world. Bottom line: the Christian God is a twisted, manipulative bully.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    A. He did

    B. He did not make them imperfect...they did

    C. instead of two believers , there are BILLIONS

    Don't ever make the mistake to think God didn't have every permutation of this planned

  • 8 years ago

    zack, God knows every thing from the start. But for the rewards that will follow them who trust Him, He give us life on earth regardless

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