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Don't know what's going on in his head?

Been seeing a guy for a little over a month. We get along fantastic and when we are together he treats me like a girlfriend and wants to cook for me and kisses my head when cuddling and we've had an instaneous connection from the beginning. We got really close the first week of dating and his friends told him to "slow down" with me. So I have backed off. He still talks to me and we hang out about twice a week. We started having sex but we don't do it every time we hang out and he makes plans for us to do things in the future.he says he likes me, However, I still see him logging into the dating sites and I'm assuming we are still "casually dating" but I want to be more than casual at this point or is it too soon? My friends say to stop having sex and that might make him move faster?

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    Well, it's too soon only because he doesn't know what he wants. And yes, stop having sex with him. If you want more out of this relationship, and he doesn't, then he's essentially just using you for sex.

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    If you're wise, you'll stop having sex with a guy who's still logged into the dating sites. He's still looking for the right girl to come along and you're probably not her. You need to be more careful about who you sleep with. When you jump into bed with a guy too soon, you take the chance of losing him altogether, which is probably what you've done. He may call you for sex a few more times, if Miss Right hasn't come along, but that's about it. Next time, WAIT before you sleep with a guy.

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    There is something called "talking". Not to your friends or his each other.

    Personally I think having sex after only a month is a little fast.

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