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My BFFL Is Being Mean To Me!?

my friend is mean to me me because i was going to tell on her annoying boyfriend. Now she doesn't want to be my friend anymore. I'm super sad because she was my BFFL. best friends for life. I don't know what to do? Help me please!


her boyfriend was talking in class why we were doing a worksheet and he wouldn't be quiet so i was about to tell the teacher and then she said im not your friend anymore so she gave me our friendship braclet back. Then she was telling everybody that i was mean. i'm not mean i just wanted to get my work done. So now she doesn't want to be my friend. im upset because she was my only friend. I'm age 9 in 4th grade and my BFFL is being super mean to me!! what do i do! i need help please i need advise!!!!!! Her boyfriend did apoligize though but this is what she said to her boyfriend in a mean way. " Just dont talk to her"

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    i dont know how old you are or what you were telling about. if your a kid then dont worry kids are stupid they dont know half of what thier doing just remember, no body likes a taddle tale. if you edit your questin with more detail i'd be happy to help more.

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    Grow up.

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    Chill out, grow up, and leave her relationship alone -- that's probably why she is mad

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