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How would you react to someone doing this?

There is this girl who I went to school with from eight grade to graduation. She has been on Facebook asking people to pray for her boyfriend who is in jail and help him get out. I found out today the reason he's in jail is for sexual exploitation of a minor. I think it's very wrong to ask people to pray for him and to feel bad for him when he committed that kind of crime. What do you think?

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    I agree with you its wrong of her to ask people to help him out, Hes the one that did the crime he just has to do the time. I would not feel bad from him i would feel bad for the minor he knew what he was doing. I don't even know how she can still be with him.

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    I think you should let it lie. You are absolutely correct that it is wrong, but it truly not your dilemma, so if I were in your shoes, I would leave it all alone..

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    I would leave it.

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