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AIG stock questions, value etc...?

If I Invested 5,000 in AIG at its 2008 low, how much of a return would I have today adjusted for inflation, splits etc....

Was it really trading at 1,500 once? Or do the splits make it seem like it was once at an incredibly high level, or did it really plummet from 1,500. Could someone give me the actual breakdown of its value compared to its all-time high?

Just doing some fun research :)

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    Ahh, yes, technically AIG was worth about $1,900 per share in 2007. However, that was because AIG had a 1 for 20 reverse stock split in March 2009. So for every share you own today, in 2007 you had 20 shares which then were trading at about $95/share, hence the $1,900 value.

    Here is some good background material on AIG, and on its reverse stock split. I have also included a link to the daily historical values and you have to search for its lowest point, which actually do not occur until 2009.

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