how to record videos on my computer not laptop?

ok so its a dell computer not laptop and i hooked up a logitech webcam to it but i cant find it on the computer or figure out how to record a video with it please help


my computer says its working properly but windows movie maker still wont let me make a video

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  • Ti
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    8 years ago
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    Open Windows Movie Maker installed in Windows and record a video with it using your webcam, assuming that your Logitech camera is already installed otherwise if you just plugged it in it could be missing drivers and it may not be fully installed yet to the computer!

    so download the drivers from the manufacturer Logitech.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I have a logitech webcam to, If you want to record videos on it make sure the camera is plugged in. There should be an icon that says logitech webcam if its not on your desktop you can search it in your start menu or if you have a windows XP you can go to the start menu and click all programs, if you are a mac user and its not on your desktop im not sure what u do. Click on the Icon and it should have a menu that has a picture of the webcam u have and there should be to buttons that say Record videos or take photos. Click on the record videos one

    Hoped this helped

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