Where do you keep your water bottles in your room or in the kitchen?

I know its a silly question but I ask because my family makes a big deal of me leaving my water bottle in the kitchen. Umm...isn't that where things like that are supposed to be? I just leave it on the counter out of the way of things. And they're asking why I dont just take my bottle in my room. Any way mg point is that its a WATERBOTTLE its left in the kitchen when not being used. Yet there is no problem when my nephews baby bottles are spread across the counter. I have no problems with my nephew or his bottles. Ugh thid is so trivial but it urks me because its like my family wants all of my things held up in my room likr I can't leave any of my personal things out in the open. Like i don't live here. Its annoyingly frustrating

1 Answer

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