Can a job offer be revoked without you being informed?

I was offered a job and I then informed them of the salary I desired. A few minutes later I called back to ask if salary was negotiable as I desired a little more. I did so as I felt I may have low balled myself and thought the it was best to negotiate now rather than later. They stated they would check into and call me back. I did not hear anything the next day so I called and left message. It has been two days and I still have not heard anything. Should I considered the offer revoked? If this is the case, is it normal to not be informed that they are no longer interested. I realized I didn't make a smart decision when I called back requesting more money.

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  • rain
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    7 years ago
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    Yes, it happens.

    When they offered you the job, they should have made a salary offer at that time. Perhaps the salary was already stated in their advertisement for the position. However, the starting salary is usually restated when the job offer is made. Once you've accepted the job at the salary offered, the deal is struck.

    When you called back, it may have led them to move on to another candidate. You likely broke the deal by calling back, and many employers don't tell you that they've rescinded the offer. The employer may have thought you were unprofessional in calling back for more money, so they didn't feel inclined to be professional with you in rescinding the job offer. Employers can and do rescind job offers for a variety of reasons, but most have to be pressed to actually say that. You probably lost that job.

    You'll have to write that one off to experience. Remember to make your deal for salary when the offer is made, and not call back for more money once you've agreed to accept that job at the salary offered.

    good luck.

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  • shreve
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    3 years ago

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