Who should I pick up off of waivers?

JD Martinez (been hot), Jose quintana, Jonathan lucroy,Lorenzo Cain,mike Adams (1B),yasiel puig (minors),Nate schierholtz,straily, and Jeff Franceour are all available

If I should, who should I drop. I have 2 acquisitions left this week.

C-Wieters, Victor Martinez

1B-billy butler,Garrett Jones

2B-Danny Espinosa, Getz

SS-Troy Tulowitzki,

3B-Aramis Ramirez, Kyle Seager, chisenhall

OF-Jason Heyward,Jacoby ellsbury,Josh Willingham,yoenis Cespedes,Adam Eaton, AJ Pollock, Jackie Bradley Jr.

DH-Travis Hafner

SP-Justin Verlander, jordan Zimmerman,Brandon Morrow,Anibal Sanchez, Brett Anderson,Wei-Yin Chen,Ross Detwiler,Chris Tillman, Miguel Gonzalez,Patrick Corbin

RP-Greg Holland,Tom Wilhelmsen, JJ Putz, Herrera(Hollands back up)

12 team h2h. Scoring: AVG., HR, Total Bases, Runs, RBIs, SB, ERA, WHIP, Ks, Quality Starts, Saves, Wins

Starters: 1B,C,2B,3B,SS,1B/3B,2B/SS,OF,OF,OF,Util,… Bench spotrs and 2 DL


Jeremy Hellickson was just dropped also

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  • 7 years ago
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    JD Martinez: As an Astrose fan, I don't know that I'd say Martinez is "hot." He is showing a few signs that he might be what we expected him to be after the 2011 season, but I wouldn't pick him up just yet.

    Jose Quintana:Your pitching is decent enough (though I have no idea why you have so many Orioles). Quintana isn't a consistent player, so I would leave him alone.

    Jonathan Lucroy: Good lineup, great ballpark, decent player. I would say yes if you didn't already have two catchers. You could potentially drop Hafner for him but I wouldn't bother.

    Lorenzo Cain: His bat is starting to come alive, but you only need three OF and I can't see you benching Heyward, Ellsbury, and Cespedes for him. However, he is probably better than Jackie Bradley Jr, who is likely to be sent down once David Ortiz shows back up.

    Mike Adams: I have no faith in Garrett Jones, so if you decided to drop Jones for Adams while Adams is hot, I wouldn't hate you for it.

    Yasiel Puig: He's not even playing, so no. However, he has some serious talent, so keep an eye on that Dodgers OF. If anything starts to go amiss (someone gets hurt, suspended, lousy), grab up Puig because he will definitely be in the big leagues.

    Nate schierholtz: Nope, nope, nope.

    Dan Straily: He got sent down once Colon came back from suspension, so no. He's a good option for low ERA and WHIP if you need a spot starter though and he happens to be up in the bigs for some reason.

    Jeff Franceour: Franceour has kind of fallen off the deep end over the last two years. Not really worth having, especially with your OF.

    Jeremy Hellickson: You should pick him up. If for no other reason than as trade bait. I bet there are other guys in your league who would love to have him. And, if you play him correctly, he could be pretty good for you. You just have to know which starts to play him in and which to bench him.

    Lucroy if you realllly want to pick up somebody.

    Keep an eye on Puig and the Dodgers' OF.

    Pick up Hellickson and either try to trade him or be judicious in when you start him.

    That's my take.

    Source(s): Won both my leagues last season
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  • Foxx
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    7 years ago

    Lorenzo Cain

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