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If people say that homosexuality is not a choice, but also say it's not a mental illness, then what is it?


People say it's not a choice

People say it's not a mental illness/birth defect

Then what is it?


I don't intend to offend, serious question.

Update 2:

@Hal : That makes 0 sense.

If the majority of humans are heterosexual then homosexuality has to be factually an abnormality of some sort.

A guy who doesn't like women, is like a dog that doesn't like meat. That's literally unusual.

If a dog refused to eat meat, would the dog be choosing not to eat meat? Would the dog be mentally ill? Or is just dimissing the dog as "weird" good enough?

Very confusing

Update 3:

@Abs_bl : That makes decent sense.

Update 4:

I think these answers comparing it to being left handed or green eyed makes some decent sense but.

Those are physical traits, sexual orientation is literally something involving the mind and how it works

Someone asked to define heterosexuality and um... well. Heterosexuality is the most common sexuality and biologically results in reproduction to keep the human race going

Homosexuality would be, strictly for pleasure, serves no other purpose

Update 5:

Oh and just like being left handed or green eyed or whatever. Sure nobody chooses to be left handed or green eyed either.

So then it's not a choice, apparently not a disorder but then why is being gay or left handed or green eyed or whatever, why are those all far less common than being straight, right handed, brown eyed, etc.

Genetics right? Then is it implied that homosexuality is genetic at some level? Is there some recessive gene in some peoples gene pools that for some reason is usually recessive that results in being gay?

Update 6:

@White Ninja : Interesting and seemingly valid points there

Update 7:

By the same right, do you figure people trying to tell gays they are not mentally ill is similar to how people call people with down syndrome "special" and not "retarded"?

You know, just being politically correct and polite so as to not offend someone? That's understandable.

But then I wonder if the people who are all politically correct and polite about these things, do they REALLY believe what they're saying? Or are they just that, trying to be polite & politically correct even if they don't believe what they're saying?

Update 8:

@Raistlin : What else would it's purpose be other than pleasure then? To ensure their genes are not passed on because they can't reproduce?

Don't just claim researchers have some magical purpose for homosexuality other than pleasure, if you can't actually back it up with specifics.

Update 9:

@Hermes : Well that's interesting

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    It is not a choice. It is a mental defect.

    People saying 'it's a natural state of being.'

    So is pedophillia, incest, rape, bestiality. Let's call them normal too shall we?

    Being Gay is not normal. It is natural, but of course it is a mental defect, similar to down syndrome.

    We need a cure.

    EDIT: Laughing at people trying to flip the question on heterosexuality. Being 'straight' is normal It is what nature intended.

    If you are not straight, then you have a mental defect, you are not normal. Same as down syndrome.

    I think you are right original poster. A lot is down to politeness and political correctness. No one can deny the fact the having Gay attraction is an abnormality or a defect, but I think it would be harsh to point this out to Gay people, who may be offended.

    • Derp4 years agoReport

      You may be correct, but why do you say we need a cure? You're telling people that gay people have a disease that needs to be cured, when it's not hurting anyone.

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    I read somewhere that there's a certain, like, gene or something (I don't remember what it is or is called) that is usually deleted when stuff is being passed on to the baby. But sometimes, it is passed on; like the dad's to the daughter or mom's to the son. This doesn't mean there's a gay gene. This could just be a theory. But when it's passed on wrong instead of deleted, presto, gay baby.

    This is probably just a theory, because how does it explain bi and ace people if, when the thing is deleted, it makes the baby straight? Confusing theory, I know.

  • I feel like you're not really asking what you want to know. Are you indirectly looking for it's purpose? Are you asking why gay men and lesbians exist?

    "Then what is it?"

    The simple answer is: Sexual orientation. Homosexuality is a valid variant of human sexuality.

    Information regarding a choice: "most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation" (APA).

    Information regarding homosexuality being a mental disorder:

    "Research has found no inherent association between any of these sexual orientations and psychopathology. Both heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior are normal aspects of human sexuality. Both have been documented in many different cultures and historical eras. Despite the persistence of stereotypes that portray lesbian, gay, and bisexual people as disturbed, several decades of research and clinical experience have led all mainstream medical and mental health organizations in this country to conclude that these orientations represent normal forms of human experience. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual relationships are normal forms of human bonding" (APA).

    Information regarding the cause of sexuality (all human sexuality):

    "There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay, or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles; most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation" (APA).

    If you're searching for the reason why homosexuals exist, you're not alone; not even the most prestigious scientists can explain why homosexuality exists. No one can answer you this for you. Not yet at least.

    I'm trying my best to give you the information you're looking for, but it's not very clear what you're searching for.


    Source(s): References American Psychological Association. (2008). Answers to your questions: For a better understanding of sexual orientation and homosexuality. Washington, DC: Author. [Retrieved from www.apa.org/topics/sorientation.pdf.]
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    Do you know how many psychological differences human beings have? How many completely natural variations there are in the human population?

    I have a cousin who is autistic. He is only semi-functional in society. His condition would be considered an abnormality - a negative trait which one would not desire to have, or to pass on. And yet, there are other people who are autistic who are highly functional, and perhaps are even MORE functional than a majority of people who are NOT autistic.

    And then there's me - I'm an introvert. Researchers are studying the link between autism and introversion, and many thing that introversion may be a mild form of autism. And yet, I am not considered to have some kind of "condition", and my introversion is seen as yet another character trait, even though some might look at it as a negative.

    It does no good for us as human beings to look at one another and attempt to oust all of those who have differing psychological traits. Nature and evolution works the way it works for a reason - even if we do not understand those reasons. You claim that homosexuality serves no purpose other than pleasure, and I know many researchers who study such issues and would disagree with you. There is a reason why homosexuality is present in human creatures, and a reason why homosexual behavior has been observed in EVERY mammalian species we have observed on this planet.

    Ignorance as to the usefulness of a thing is not evidence for a lack of usefulness. Scientists who have studied the human genome and homosexuality have found many biological markers linked to it, and have found the benefits of homosexual behavior in mammalian species. They have also found the benefits that homosexuality gives to the SIBLINGS of homosexual people, who, statistically, tend to be more fecund that those in the general population. (Other scientists propose that homosexuality is the side-effect of whatever fertility benefits a mother gives to her children - for instance, a mother may pass on genes which allow her daughters to be more fertile and/or attracted to men, and those genes inadvertently get passed on to her male progeny as well.)

    In any case, nature knows what it is doing, even if we don't.

    Edit: Don't ignore what I wrote about fertility, and claim that I have provided no evidence for what I have said. I will offer you a link in the source section which should be a starting point for your own research. Decades worth of study have been done about homosexuality, and as long-winded as I am, I am hardly able (or willing) to cram it all into this space.

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    selection. no person is born "gay" the two, as that means that's a genetic blunders, inflicting a guy or female to seem at somebody of their own gender in a sexual way. This, notwithstanding if can't be the case, as for that to take place, the mutant gene might of would desire to been transmitted from the gay discern to the youngster, it relatively is impossible in view that Neither gay adult males or females can reproduce.

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    Just because a person has different interests doesn't mean they are mentally ill or it's a choice....

    Some people are afraid of heights, but i love skydiving, does that make me mentally ill

    I can't stand eating mushrooms, but other people love it, am i still mentally ill

    People aren't born to be the same, which explains different interests and view points

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    let's be blunt here - define heterosexuality as explicitly and succinctly as you can, now consider how you would change that definition for homosexuality! At the end of the day it's not so much about sex as it is about emotions. So how could you define that ability to form close emotional bonds with someone of the same sex?

    At the end of the day homosexuality exists - get over it!

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    It's a predisposition. Just like you have genetics that predispose you to lots of things. Your genetic wiring makes you who you are. You might like apples more than pears because you were "wired" that way.

    Being gay or straight is a similar thing. Years from now future generations will look down on us because we used to think that homosexuality was a choice. Or, it meant that something was "wrong " with you. We will have to explain our ignorance to them.

    What will you say?

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    A standard sexual variation that appears to be caused by a combination of epigenetics and antagonistic genetics if recent studies are to be trusted - and they appear fairly sound methodologically and the conclusions are unsurprising considering the natural world.

    Within nature close examination shows that hundreds of species of animals have exclusively homosexual members (see Bruce Bagemihl, Ph.D.; Biological Exuberance; St. Martin's Press for the seminal study on this). Why on earth would we humans expect to be different particularly as our nearest primate relatives (the Bonobos) are universally bisexual?

    As for the arguments you forward:

    The majority of humans are Asian, does that make Europeans or Africans abnormal? No, it doesn't. According to Websters, definition 3 of normal is: " occurring naturally." As we can see from my reference to Bagemihl and his work above, homosexuality certainly occurs naturally - therefore, using that definition, which is a valid definition of the word, homosexuality is normal.

    There is no actual relativity between a dog not liking meat (dogs are carnivores) and a human male not liking women (men are sexual, not wired to ONLY be able to be sexual in a particular way. To assert otherwise is to leave the realm of science entirely and enter the realm of unqualified assertion. Any a priori assertion fails on logical grounds, and that really is all you have to claim that heterosexuality is in some way a default. A dog who does not eat dies, a man who does not f*ck women, does not. If you are going to use comparisons, try to find an actual equivalency.)

    Left handedness actually mirrors homosexuality among humans. There are associated physical characteristics in both cases, but yet, the actual "condition" is not physical parse. Inheritance percentages are also similar. Two studies, Campieri-Ciana and others (Padova University) which showed partial antagonistic genetic responsibility for homosexuality among males to be probable and the more recent William R. Rice, Urban Friberg, and Sergey Gavrilets (U-Cal Santa Barbara, Uppsala University and U-Tenn Knoxville respectively) paper showing primary epigenetic responsibility to be likely combine to give us 100% of the reason for homosexuality - building on earlier research showing that a genetic or at least in womb cause was unavoidable but not pinpointing the cause. While there will be adjustment with ongoing research, I feel pretty confident that this is the framework of the reason for homosexuality - a combination of antagonistic genetics and epigenetics. For what it is worth I had estimated that to be likely years before the work. Combining this with the "helpful uncle theory" - which now becomes viable as a presentable "sub-piece" of the puzzle -- since we can see the likely genetic causes (helpful uncle says that in ancient days, the gay uncle added additional support to a given family line by not having his own kids and instead helping to feed and protect the kids of his straight relatives, thus giving advantage to the genetic line from whence he came, and helping to increase its reproductive capacity and survivability. Since a .01% increase in survival is sufficient over time to proffer evolutionary advantage, and thus guarantee the survival of that gene set together with its associated epigenetics -- ... that's the rest of the mechanism and the cause for the survival of that gene set.)

    Reproduction, evolutionarily, can be said to be by genetic lineage, not solely by individual. Campieri-Ciana and others clearly showed that female relatives of gay men have more children, even using birth control, than women without such relatives. The genetic component of homosexuality almost certainly increases fertility among straight people of the same lines therefore, while making some men gay. So, really, it is, evolutionarily advantageous to overall reproduction - what can one say.

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    Sexual orientation.

    Plain and simple.

    Of course adultary is not a choice either, they couldn't help falling for the "other" woman or man.

    Oh yeah, bisexuality is also sexual orientation, as is heterosexuality and asexualilty.

    Serious answer

  • abs_bl
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    A variation of the sexual spectrum.

    Like having green eyes. Not a pigmentation disease nor a choice. It's just a variation. Occurs with everything in the natural world.

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