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US manufacturing wealth was at its peak in the 1950s under Truman (Mo) and Ike (Ks). Coincidence?

What about the fair-minded, square dealing, Midwestern values of these two presidents from the Heartland caused American wealth and manufacturing to hit unprecedented heights never again duplicated? Today, less than 20% of America's wealth is due to manufacturing, and we're deeper in debt than at any time in US history including the depths of World War 2. Whatever happened to politicians with common sense and patriotism? Why has outsourcing of US jobs become the mantra of both major parties?

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    It's no coincidence at all. Both Truman (MO) and Ike (KS) knew the need for jobs, production, and understood the capability of the American worker much moreso than has any President since.


    The Preident in power at the conclusion of the Second World War he understood that at war's end an approach to "better" lives of all Americans had to be addressed. Face it, we came out of a depression and then joined our European allies in a war, going from depression to war was no fun for anybody. But he did attempt 21 points in a "Fair Deal" for a continuation of the "New Deal" and although many of these got lost along the way we begin to see great social change begin at this point and programs introduced to assist a better life in the USA. Millions of homes had been financed through previous government programs, and a start was made in slum clearance. Poverty was also significantly reduced, with one estimate suggesting that the percentage of Americans living in poverty had fallen from 33% of the population in 1949 to 28% by 1952. These are no slouching numbers and suggest that Truman "knew" what Americans were confronting. Jobs were opened up for returning veterans of the Second World War and the Cold War and Korean conflict would of course drag his popularity down to where in 1952 he knew he couldn't run again and so chose not to do so (he could have given he came into the Presidency with FDR's death, he was entitled by Public Law to be able to run twice as you likely know).


    The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, more commonly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act (Public Law 84-627) provided jobs for 35 years after work began and in so doing changed the landscape of how Americans shop within our country though no one takes notice of this any longer. It sparked the boom of "small business" from persons with shops of all sorts to the person that owned a company that assisted the building of the Interstate system. Additionally, one of the things that must be considered is how Eisenhower held his office. In this I mean that during his Presidency he operated from the center ~ neither the left nor the right. He held a disdain for the hard right and we see elements of this in regard to his handling (or lack thereof) of one Senator McCarthy of Wisconsin. By marginalizing him without doing it publicly he made McCarthy useless and the Senator ended up burying himself with his attack on the U.S. Army though he would die in office. He disliked the way the Supreme Court operated in a “political” manner as opposed to a judicious one ~ he felt that decisions on the bench were in effect not a true representation of the interpreted law but rather “politically biased” and yet he never showed up on the news to point the finger toward that direction either. Ike strongly disliked the terms "Liberal" and "Conservative" as he believed these terms meant all things to all people and never truly represented the political abilities to just "do good" by and for the American nation.

    What we need are leaders who actually know how to LEAD. i'll vote for any person that can LEAD and talk to me as an American voting person.

    There simply is no substitute for LEADERSHIP. Sound bites and talking heads don't cut the mustard with me.

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    The US Dollar became the king of world currencies. The trophy of WW2 to the American economy. Politics had very little to do with it.

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    And the last time we had a budget surplus was with a president from Arkansas.

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