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Did Margaret Thatcher ever admit that she got South Africa wrong?

Did she ever apologize to the South African people? To Nelson Mandela? Did she ever admit she was on the wrong side of history when it came to apartheid in South Africa?

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    Thatcher was a stone cold racist.

    She considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist – while inviting apartheid leader P.W. Botha to London.

    Thatcher was ADAMANT Nelson Mandela was nothing more than a terrorist along with the ANC. She called the indigenous freedom fighters “terrorists” and refused to meet with Mugabe and Nkomo.

    It was actually a representative of the Queen, the foreign Secretary, who agreed to meet with them against Thatcher’s wishes, which led to the Lancaster House Agreement.

    Thatcher on black and brown immigration:

    "the British character has done so much for democracy, for law, and done so much throughout the world, that if there is any fear that it might be swamped, people are going to react and be rather hostile to those coming in"

    She moved Britain to the right, she cut government help for the poor to lower taxes on the rich. She broke the back of the labour unions and freed the banks. She sold off British Telecom, British Airways, British Gas and others.

    History books will consider her a great historical figure. No matter how destructive white leaders are to other nations, they are seen as great in mainstream history, unless they attack or oppress other powerful whites or white nations with a strong economy.

    Only then are they seen as villains. But when they oppress and attack black people, they are given the title of being “great”.

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    This from the Margaret Thatcher Foundation website shows that there was an implied apology - from David Cameron who disowned MT's original position prompting contempories to suggest he was not a conservative. The Lady herself not one for turning . . .

    Cameron disowns Thatcher's policy on apartheid


    The Times , 28 Aug 2006

    DAVID CAMERON has provoked anger among traditionalist Conservatives with an attack on Margaret Thatcher’s policy towards the former apartheid regime in South Africa.

    He said that she was wrong to have branded Nelson Mandela ’s African National Congress as ‘terrorists’, as he sought to put further distance between himself and the Thatcher era.

    Writing in The Observer, the Tory leader praised the former South African President — who he met in Johannesburg last week — as one of the greatest men alive. “The mistakes my party made with respect to relations with the ANC and sanctions on South Africa make it all the more important to listen now,” he wrote. “The fact that there is so much to celebrate in the new South Africa is not in spite of Mandela and the ANC, it is because of them — and we Conservatives should say so clearly today.”

    Mr Cameron, who has already contradicted Baroness Thatcher’s claim that “there is no such thing as society”, irritated her allies. The Observer quoted Sir Bernard Ingham , her former spokesman, as saying: “I wonder whether David Cameron is a Conservative.”

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    She never admitted that she got anything wrong!!!

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    Don't know

    But i do know she made real good turnip greens.

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    Probably not. She took it to HELL with her.

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