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what can I expect when getting braces?

I'm getting braces this Tuesday and I'm really really scared, what should I expect? What was your experience? Did it hurt? How bad was it out of 10 being 10 the worst? And what kind of tips could you give me?

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    Don't be scared! It's not scary at all getting the braces. Before you get your braces, eat really crunchy food or like toffees, stuff you won't be able to eat when you have braces. Okay so it depends on your case I guess, one of my friends had a very slight pain while I had lots of pain! The day I got it, it was okay but my mouth felt HUGE! The second day I wanted to pull it off because it was so annoying, I had cuts in my cheeks! (Your ortho will give dental wax to help that) the third day..... I didn't even want to talk! I got so annoyed when people talked to me but then the next day I got pretty used to it and it didn't hurt it was just really difficult to chew because I had spacers on. But to pretty depends on your pain tolerance

    So the week before getting braces, go stock up on pudding, oatmeal, yogurt, soup, anything soft! Get crunchy things to eat the day before getting braces because you'll miss it when you have braces (I know I do :/) and drink tons of water and keep your lips super moisturized! :)

    And for the pain, you can take painkillers and just think how pretty your smile will be in a while. That's what made me to through :)

    Hope I've helped somehow! :D Dont be scared, be excited that you're going to have a beautiful smile x

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    I HAVE braces.

    Your teeth will be sore for the first day or two. Don't eat firm or crunchy foods. I LIVED on pudding, applesauce, and mashed potatoes the first week

    Your bottom lip might get a little scratched. The pain is generally a 6. Take some ibuprofen or Advil to numb the pain a bit.

    Expect straight teeth!!!

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    It only hurts for the first few days, the first and second days being the worst, don't worry. It wasn't that bad for me when I first got them on. Just eat soft foods. :) And if your gums get sore because of the brackets you should use wax (they have flavoured ones if you want) And there's nothing to be scared about, you'll be fine :)

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    it does not hurt putting braces on my two sons have braces its like 3 the only reason its a three is because that dentist have his fingers in your mouth adjusting the braces.that's more annoying than anything

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