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Who do like more ,Roger federer or Tiger woods?

Roger federer is the greatest tennis player of all time.

Tiger woods is one of the greatest golfer of all time

Who do you think is more of a LEGEND ? Who do you like more ?

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    8 years ago
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    Both of them contribute nothing to Humanity and only being used as a tool for advertising for fools to buy products which mostly useless and created environmental harm.

    Golf course use lots of water that can use to grow food, and the insecticide/ herbicide use there destroy the local environment.

    Multiply that with millions of golf course around the world.....

    Tennis also created lots of traffic jams by the fans...

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    8 years ago

    I think Tiger is THE greatest golfer of all time. I love Fed, but I'd say I like Tiger more. Incidentally, isn't is amazing how quickly everyone seems to have forgotten Tiger's extramarital nonsense?

  • 8 years ago

    Federer. I like tennis WAY more than golf.

    Woods is more of a celebrity than legend.

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