Why is he acting like this?

In 10th grade I met this person. Lets name him J. So in 10th grade we were cool. We played pranks on each other, texted each other everyday. We also had a a lot of fights and arguments but we made up right away. Everyone thinks we liked each other but he had feelings for someone else. We would sometimes flirt with each other. I soon got a boyfriends Then when I got a boyfriend he would always ask me about it. We kept in touch a lot during the summer but then 11th grade year everything changed. He didn't like joking and pulling pranks with me. He barely would text me. He barely talked to me in school either. We have 2 classes together. He always act like I bothered him. He only acted this way with me. When he started dating my friend, I got upset and told him about it and he said he didn't want to be my friend anymore and that now that he's rid of me and can go be with his new girlfriend. I was depressed for a while but I got over it. Then I got a new bf and then he started talking to me again. Then when I got a letter from MIT that I was getting accepted and leaving the school, he got upset and called me a liar and how I need to get help and that it's a good thing I'm moving because I cause too much drama and that I'm conceited and too full of myself. After that I didn't speak to him for 2 months. I ended up staying at the school cause i cam back in January and I found out he broke up with his new girlfriend that he kept to get rid of me or whatever. Then we started talking again. Then when we got into a fight he still didn't want to be my friend. We made up and became friends again. Then one time I was sub-tweeting about my ex about how he didn't appreciate anything I do, how he's changed, and how he's jealous of me. Then J thought the tweets were about him and confronted me about and how he didn't want to be friends anymore. So I told him the tweets were about my ex and then he said we still shouldn't be friends. So about 3 days later, I apologized and then we were talking again. Then he started being a drama queen again. So I told him that I was my fool for being upset for him getting a new girlfriend because I wanted him. I also told him that my new bf who is Daniel is way better than him anyways. He has a car, a job, money, he popular and plus hes athletic. Then I told him you are nothing compared to him so you've been replaced. Then I told J that he has an ugly personality and attitude and that I don't want to speak to him again. I told him that Daniel has a good attitude and personality too. So then J said that to delete him off twitter, Facebook and delete his number from his phone. I think I hurt his feelings but idk. So now when were in class, I catch him sometimes staring at me and avoiding me i. The hallway sometimes. Idk what's wrong with him. Other than that the whole 11th grade year he's barely talked to me in school. It's like he barely knows I exist. He always thinks I'm a liar, an attention seeker, a fake person, and he thinks i still like him even though I don't. I love my new boyfriend and he's the best thing that's happened to me. Then when i tell him about Daniel, he gets upset or something. If he doesn't have feelings for me why is he acting like this? Why is he acting like this? What does all this mean. Please read this whole thing. Please help me!

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  • Brian
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    8 years ago
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    I'd say to let him down easy but firm, but it sounds like you already punched him in the face, metaphorically. Ignore the guy. Don't think about him, and he won't come around. If he does, and you still don't like him, tell him that you don't like him and then don't hang out. Don't say you don't like him and then answer his phone calls. Don't send mixed signals. He probably already got the message. You're done.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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