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Innovative New Invention Idea?

I am looking to harness the power of graphene found in nano-tech to find a new way of transporting goods, almost like teleportation. I need any advice I can get as I truly think this could change the world. Please email me if you want to know more. I need the email to say 'I respect the inventor and will credit him/her at all times for this idea and any part he/she may play in the invention. I will only use the ideas shared for development with the inventor' And then I can tell you, I am only protecting my idea from copyrighting. Thanks! Message me to be involved with something new, anything will help, you need no qualifications, just telling me what you think of the ideas or the flaws will be very usefull. Thankyou


That is just rude, the first answer. Does putting people down make you feel happy??

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    You are right, Dave was a bit rude. But, he does raise a valid question... do you have any idea what you are doing? There are several issues with your question: first, you don't seem to really have any knowledge about graphene or how it might make transportation (e.g. teleportation) possible. An idea about doing something without any clue about the physics and engineering involved is NOT an invention. An invention requires a description of how it is made and how it works. If you want your ideas to be taken seriously, get some education and show that you have some understanding in field. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Second, copyrights are for written works. Patents are for inventions.

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    Reading your question, I would have said you were born yesterday. But then I looked at your "join" date, and saw that actually you were born today.

    Oh well.

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