how the united states of america.?

I am Brazilian and wanted to know how is the united states of america.

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    8 years ago
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    Sorry, but I can't sit here and see Q ( a non-American/ most likely Canadian) spreading lies about my country that are not true as Canadians seem to love doing and especially from people who have not lived here. For one, our gun "problem" is associated mainly around cities. We have a higher population, so it seems like it is out of control, when in reality we have more guns than people in this country, but only 11K gun deaths each year <-- You would think that we would have ALOT more than that. Our crime has been declining since the 90s and it is far lower than Brazil's. Also, our economy may be in debt but that has nothing to do with our unemployment rate (austerity anyone? Look at Greece and Cypress). Our unemployment has been going down and it is at 7.7%. It depends on which state you go to, though, but immigrants now are actually more likely to recieve a job than citizens are ( I know immigrants- whom are friends of mine- that have found work in less than a month in jobs that American citizens are not particularly interested in). Jobs and crime depend on state. There are states with fairly high crime and states with low crime ( lower than crime rates in cities in Canada, I would like to add) like Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska, Utah, Delaware etc. etc. All beautiful and remarkable places. We have many Brazilians living here, especially in Florida which is where I live and even though it is said to have a "high crime rate" I have not ONCE been involved in any type of crime or ever felt threatened or scared. I leave my doors unlocked plenty of times. Beautiful beaches, we have Brazilian restaurants to make you feel right at home. If you want a change, though, than go to Colorado or Maryland. They are quiet states with very low crime rates, low unemployment and high standards of living. Uh, another lie. We are far from obsessed with politics. That is a crock of bologne. I can tell you that most Americans can give two tamales what is going on in politics. We stop talking about it directly after the election. Same ole same ole. Nothing really changes. We DON'T hate immigrants, either. Another lie. They are everywhere- and I mean everywhere. We have gotten well use to it, especially in states with a high level of immigrants. Our border laws are becoming more lax each and every day. Our country also has the best rate of immigrant assimilation in the WORLD. This talk about us hating immigrants is horseradish. What we don't like is illegal immigration, simply because it is against the law of our land- but even that is starting to become easier to do. Our President is passing an immigration reform plan. You will do just fine over here. We have plenty from mountains to beaches. Food of all kinds that all Americans enjoy. We are not seperated. Once something terrible happens, we all come together and help those in need ( Hurricane Sandy incident/ 9/11). We are not perfect people, but coming from someone that actually LIVES here and was born here, it is a great country and you will absolutely find other Brazilians over here. Oh, and our economy may not be great, but it is still one of the top economies in the world and ranked high in competitiveness. We are actually planning on passing budget cuts and our president, which is something I doubt that Harper would ever do, is taking a pay-cut and letting go of a portion of his salary to help. Come here and see for yourself. Don't listen to what people who have never lived here have to say about it. Take it from. It is a spectacular country to live in and I am very fortunate of being here. Here are some links:

    6th Most fun country in the world:

    Tied 2nd for best place for EXPATS to move to:

    7th Place in Competitive Economies ( We were once 1st and we can go back to being first, more business are coming here again):

    Immigrants Assimilating more quickly (meaning that they feel more part of the American family):

    OECD Ranked 2nd best country to live in ( but apparently information is only correct if it says how horrible the US is despite the numbers of immigrants we recieve each year):

    1st largest foreign student population in the world, then yet people question our universities:

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    u . s . a .. Democratic status. became the source of the debate at Valley Forge. The founding fathers were democratic. the folk who wanted a republic very nearly starved the whole American military out to coach their factor. Then it became set up as a democracy for the folk and Thomas Jefferson ended up talking lots about it. Then those losers referred to as the puratins got here in, representing the republic (massive agencies). They fought for very nearly one hundred years to opposite the structure and each and every of the equivalent rights stuff. Now you spot it, they nonetheless attempt to make it a nazi or king james state. yet maximum of what they have performed is public. because of their joker mentality, now many wide monetary marketplace depending entities have more beneficial skill then people and unquestionably contradict what u . s . a . stands for. u . s . a . is meant to be a democracy, yet because of the corrupt idiots who took unrestrained movements. some such issues because the federal authorities. even although they're a company. As a ruling body. that's only a mish mash of solid people and grimy those who help corporation over people.

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    OECD Ranked 2nd best country to live in ( but apparently information is only correct if it says how horrible the US is despite the numbers of immigrants we recieve each year):

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    8 years ago

    Like the ancient Roman Empire, the USA is rapidly declining, and for many of the same reasons.

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    Well this morning in my State its 87f .. with a slight breeze

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