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My boss keeps texting me ";)" at the end of random sentences... Is this weird?

My employer will text me little messages about work and then end them in ";)"

I'm not sure if he knows what that smiley connotes because he literally puts them in at the end of a random sentence that doesn't seem at all suggestive. He is about forty but he works in internet marketing... So shouldn't he know better than to use that smiley?

It feels weird with him sending me this smiley all the time.

For example:

HIM: "... Concerned metadata"

HIM: "Something else I will have to train you on on Monday."

ME: "Okay. Sounds good. I deal with metadata regularly so it shouldn't be too much of a stride."

HIM: "Good, then it won't be too difficult then ;)"

ME: "I'll be in Friday so we can discuss it then too."

HIM: "Will be happy to break it down for you more next time we talk, prefer u are getting paid for that one ;)"

HIM: "Sounds like a good plan. ;)"

Is this weird? Is he trying to be suggestive? Or is he just smiley-illiterate? And I already know I should quit the job due to his weirdness but honestly, I just got it and it is a great opportunity. So quitting is not an option unless he is being extremely inappropriate in the future.

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  • 8 years ago
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    If the only indication of a problem is his smilies, he's probably not trying to be suggestive.

    People often use things for emphasis, or perhaps trying to be nice in this case, but they don't know how they're coming across.

    Like people who "write" using ALL SORTS OF EMPHASIS in their "sentences."

    I know a guy who can't write a sentence without using bold, italics, underline, and different color text. He learned HTML and thinks it's the holy grail of communication. He doesn't realize it makes him look like a clown.

    If you start seeing any other signs he's coming on to you, that would be the time to worry, but not just because he figured out how to make a smiley face with punctuation marks.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

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