Im nervous about answering job interview questions(help pls)?

I am really really nervous for a interview I have with this somewhat big company.I want to answer honestly,but I want to stand out from the rest of everyone else.I need good tips to make sure I don't look or sound stupid.

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    7 years ago
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    -If you can make them laugh, your already half way to having the job!

    I always get asked "so what can you tell me about yourself"

    Its like the easiest question ever and theres no real wrong answer but it always use to leave me lost for words.

    Best tip:

    Revise you cover letter before you go to the interview. Start off with your name and age (these are easy response to get you started) mention wife, GF, kids ect so you can comnect with them on a personal level, then go into a little bit about where you have worked previously.

    Take some deep breathes before hand and remember, all you can do is try your best :)

    P.S. if there is a receptionist... Provided they arent busy.. Have a little chat to them, it can be about absolutely anything (even just ask "have you worked here long")

    The boss will be watching and proving you can interact with people is a BIG thing for most jobs

    Sorry for the long response but hope it helps a little bit

  • yetta
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    3 years ago

    ok, first you would be able to desire to understand WHY you desire the job!! What could make you a stable worker . . . for my very first job my boss (who became the president of a faculty and became attempting to intimidate me) asked why he would desire to hire me, on the grounds that i became a lot youthful than others with the same skills. attempt to think of of solutions that make your youthful age a stable factor! they'd ask you what are your acceptable traits and your worst traits. What are 3 words that acceptable describe you. additionally do somewhat examine with regard to the corporation! My college actual asked some people whilst the faculty became based, who became the 1st president . . .stuff like that! regardless of if it somewhat is on their information superhighway website . . . you will desire to a minimum of be attentive to it! additionally, look all of us interior the attention and characteristic a company handshake. Be advantageous, yet no longer cocky!

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