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Is the London Underground safe?

On Friday/Saturday, my Aunt wants to take me and my cousin to the London Dungeons - Getting there is fine, as we do not get any underground trains there on the way, but on the way back we do and I think it's pretty fair to say that I have a massive phobia of trains, let alone underground ones. My main phobia is that they get bombed. Is there high security when getting on the trains? Do they check people ect? Please help, as I am ridiculously scared, but I dont want to miss out as I hardly ever go to London.

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    Yes, the London Underground is safe. The chances of being bombed are very slim, despite what happened on 7/7.

    Entering the Underground, the security is not like that of an airport. You will need to swipe your ticket through a machine and the Underground is well-policed.

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    There is nothing to worry about. Millions of people travel on the tube all the time without incident. You are just being paranoid. There is no security on the tubes. You can't check thousands of people, it's not an airport. You're safer on the tube than in a car.

    You don't have to take the tube, you could get the bus, London buses are cheaper than the tube and kids under 11 are free on them. They go all over London day and night. for more bus info.

    The London Dungeons is no longer at London Bridge by the way, it's now at Waterloo on the South Bank.

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    It's PERFECTLY safe. There isn't high security and there's no need for it. Millions of people use the Underground every day without worrying about it, and if they were all checked, the whole system would grind to a halt and vast numbers of Londoners would never get to work each day.

    There have never been any bombs on the Underground except for the Muslim extremist suicide bombers 8 years ago. When I was a boy 40 years ago there were always notices "watch out for unattended packages or bags" because Irish terrorists were active, but they never bombed the public transport.

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    They don't check people no buy there is police about an security about yes an its do busy in the underground nobody cares about anyone else just getting to there destinations there's nothing to be scared about like when you drive your car are you scare because of the chance you might crash and when you go in a airplane are you scared that the plane might crash because there is that chance there also it's the same thing there is always that chance something might happen nobody can say for sure can they but seriously don't worry about it too much

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    With respect, yours fears are completely unfounded and you really have no reason whatsoever to be so scared.

    Put it this way: in 150 years of its existence, the tube has suffered one single bombing attack (if you don't count the Second World War of course). Hundreds of thousands of people use the system every single day and nothing bad ever happens to them.

    Passangers are not "checked" and there are no obvious high security measures other than the fact that they removed the rubbish bins back when the IRA were active. - we just rely on each other to keep an eye out for unattended bags and such.

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    You will be fine. Thousands of people use the tubes in London every day without any incidents at all. Bombings are extremely rare - there haven't been any for at least 8 years. On a weekend, the tubes are filled with people just like you - visiting London for a treat.

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    The London underground is generally very safe there is no need to be worried about terrorist attacks as the chances of this are incredibly low. As with anywhere where there are lots of people together there is a small risk of more minor crimes such as pickpocketing however I have never had any problems in all the time that I have spent on the tube and have never felt in any danger.

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    They have security guys about but they don't search people or look in bags or anything. Only unattended luggage is likely to attract attention. Basically if someone is determined to suicide bomb the underground then nothing is going to stop them. Still, the chances of this happened on any given journey is extremely remote.

    The trains themselves are perfectly safe. They almost never have serious accidents.

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    There has only ever been one major bombing on the London Underground, another is extremely unlikely. Although it's not very visible security is extremely high but you will not really see that many people in uniform.

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    The Underground takes safety seriously, for example:

    Drivers are required to be qualified on the exact type of train.

    Drivers are required to know the location of every speed limit and signal.

    Despite some trains are automatic, there is a driver on all trains in passenger service.

    There are automatic systems to prevent trains being driven to far past a stop signal, or too fast into a dead end.

    Mandatory training for anyone who drives past a stop signal.

    Height detectors linked with signals and automatic train stops to stop the larger trains being driven into tube tunnels.

    Interlocks prevent doors being accidentally opened on the wrong side of the train.

    The doors are linked to brakes to stop the train from moving if the doors are open.

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