If Bible is the Word of God then Why it has Got Contradictions and Errors?


Bible speaks about the creation of the universe

Book of Genesis chapter 1:

- Almighty God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days

It talks about an evening and a morning referring to a 24 hour day. Today scientists tell us that the universe cannot be created in a 24 hour day period of 6 days. The Quran speaks about 6 aiyams, it could either mean a day of 24 hours or it is a very long period an epoch. Scientists say they have no objection in agreeing that the universe it could of have been created in 6 very long periods.

Bible says in book of Genesis Ch 1: V 3-5:

- Light was created on first day

Genesis Ch 1: V 14-19:

- Cause of light, stars, sun was created on fourth day

How can the cause of light be created on the fourth day later than the light which came into existence on the 1st day?

Book of Genesis Ch1: V 9-13:

- Earth was created on the third day

How can you have a night and day without the earth? The day depends on the rotation of the earth.

Book of Genesis Ch1: V 9-13

- The sun and the moon was created on the fourth day

Today science tells us earth is part of the parent body of the sun. It can not come into existence before the sun.

Book of Genesis Ch1: V 11-13

- The vegetables, the herbs, the trees, they were created on the third day

Book of Genesis Ch 1: V 14-19

- Sun was created on the fourth day

How can the vegetation come into existence without sunlight? And how can it survive without sunlight?

Book of Genesis Ch 1: V 16

- And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

The actual translation if you go to the Hebrew text it is lamps having light of its own and what you will come to know better if you read both verses.

Book of Genesis Ch 1: V 16-17

- And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,

To give light to the earth indicating the sun and the moon has its own light which is in contradiction with established scientific knowledge that we have today.

There are certain people who try and reconciliate and say the ‘’6 days mentioned in the bible it actually refers to epoch like the Quran long period not 24 hour day’’, its in logical if your read the bible, evening morning it clearly states 24 hours.

They will only be able to solve the first error of 6 days creation and second the first day light and third day earth.

The remaining 4 yet they cannot solve. Some further say that if it’s a 24 hour period, why the vegetables can’t survive for one 24 hour day without sunlight.

If you say that, the vegetables were created before the sun and can survive for one 24 hour day then I have no objection. But you can’t say the day are mentioned 24 hours as well as epochs, if you say it is long period you solved point number 1 and 3 the remaining 4 are yet there if you say the day are a 24 hour day you solved point number 5 the remaining 5 are yet there.

It becomes unscientific, try not to contradict yourself now.


Mattew as you can see the 6 major Errors and there are about 101 Contradictions. God never makes mistakes but this book has too many. It surely proves that this book is written by Human . actually the Original Book Which was Revealed Upon Jesus P.B.U.H ,The Holy Gospel and It was in Native Language of Jesus P.B.U.H Which is Hebrew (Aramaic) not English.


Update 2:


What do think about these Contradictions ????

1. Who incited David to count the fighting men of Israel?

God did (2 Samuel 24: 1)

Satan did (I Chronicles 2 1:1)

2. In that count how many fighting men were found in Israel?

Eight hundred thousand (2 Samuel 24:9)

One million, one hundred thousand (I Chronicles 21:5)

3. How many fighting men were found in Judah?

Five hundred thousand (2 Samuel 24:9)

Four hundred and seventy thousand (I Chronicles 21:5)

4. God sent his prophet to threaten David with how many years of famine?

Seven (2 Samuel 24:13)

Three (I Chronicles 21:12)

5. How old was Ahaziah when he began to rule over Jerusalem?

Twenty-two (2 Kings 8:26)

Forty-two (2 Chronicles 22:2)

6. How old was Jehoiachin when he became king of Jerusalem?

Eighteen (2 Kings 24:8)

Eight (2 Chronicles 36:9)

7. How long did he rule over Jerusalem?

Three months (2 Kings 24:8)

Three months and ten days (2 Chronicles 36:

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's a fictional book of stories by many different authors. There's bound to be contradictions.

  • 7 years ago

    Any seeming contradictions in the Bible can be explained with a little bit of research and/or reasoning. I'll just address the first one you brought up about light and the sun and moon:

    At Genesis 1:3, God said 'Let there be light.' At Genesis 1:14-19 God spoke about the sun and moon becoming visible in the sky.... On a cloudy day, we are not able to see the sun, but it is still there and it still provides light which distinguishes the night from the day. So it stands to reason that on the first the the sources of light came into existence. But it was not until the fourth that these became visible from the earth. Up until that point, the atmospheric conditions produced a thick fog such as is currently present on other planets and prevented the sun and moon from being visible.

  • Erika
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    The men who wrote it weren't the brightest bulbs on the tree, and every wrote as he cheerful. Illiterate shepherds circa 1350 B.C. Started it. Regrettably, later authors knew not more than the common ones. The Bible used to be assembled from many writings that would were utilized by the Council of Nicea who was conscious of contradictions, however they made feeble excuses for including them. If they tried to do away with contradictions, there can be no Bible now. Believers are blind to contradictions and scientific blunders, and apologists crudely try to excuse them.

  • Judah
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    There are no contradictions just have to dig a bit deeper.

    For starters - anti-creation scientists posit an alternative to the creation story and their explanation tries to do it without God, that's their main point. They want to believe in a universe without a God to be accountable to, that's their M.O.

    The creation story in Genesis IS absolutely positively scientific.

    There's only 4 possibilities for the existence of the universe.

    1. It always existed (we know that's not true)

    2. It's an optical illusion (we know that's not true)

    3. It was created naturally (evolution - we know that didn't happen)

    4. It was created Supernaturally (as explained in Genesis)

    Only option 4 is scientifically viable.

    God asks all the doubters the same question - "Where were YOU when I laid the foundations of the earth and marked off its dimensions?" Job 38

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  • 7 years ago

    So obviously the six "days" of Creation do not refer to the period of rotation of this one tiny planet, but simply to periods of time. You do realize that "day" does not designate a period of 24 hours anywhere in the universe except on the surface of this planet, right?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Most religious people would say that us humans aren't capable to understand all of gods actions because he is so much greater than us. But that's a pretty simple way to answer any logical religious problems.

  • 7 years ago

    The Bible is absolute truth and 100% the word of God because of no contradictions. In context you can understand many things that the Bible is trying to say. =)

  • Pamela
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    I understand you have questions

    but when we obsess about the trees- we can't see the Forrest.

    God is above and beyond our human comprehension.

    When we give our understanding first place-

    we deny Him His rightful position as creator.

    I don't know how He did it.

    What's important to me and Him-

    is that I trust that however it happened- He did it and that allows me to trust Him with my life as well.

  • 7 years ago

    His Word enters and gives light (Ps. 119:130).

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    More importantly, if It's Written by God then How come it wasn't originally written in God's language; AMERICAN!?

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