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Any groovy lounge/modern jazz musicians?

I love very chill and laid back lounge music that's almost kind of jazzy, but I don't know any musicians. What are some great musicians?

Also, do you know any French lounge/jazz music??

thanks in advance!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I bought the album Nightlight the other day. It was made by Sean Foran and Megan Washington a few years ago. It's pretty jazzy. They both have songs of their own that are laid back and good as well. But those are just two that I thought of offhand. There's heaps of great musicians out there!

    I also found these links:

    Last FM is a great place to discover new music. Just find the genre and you're all set. TasteKid and Pandora are also pretty good.

    Source(s): Those links above, and my own knowledge.
  • puebla
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Modern Lounge Music

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    if based, BOTH past and present considered, on their accomplishments on their given instrument(s), their capabilities as bandleaders, their skills as composers in the genre, and, relatively speaking, of course, their POPULARITY (I, for one, would like to pick Yusef Lateef, Sam Rivers also, and, yes, perhaps Henry Threadgill too, but, really, can I? just think about it), I believe that the following 10 names are a safe bet (in almost purely alphabetical order): 1. Ornette Coleman (okay ... a bit of editorializing- with more to come- and a betrayal of where my allegiances lie, I guess ... the greatest living jazz legend; how come he's gone unmentioned to this point?). 2. Charlie Haden (as diverse in musical offerings as you can get through his efforts as both leader and sideman. the LMO is the best mid-to-large-size jazz ensemble currently in existence). 3. Herbie Hancock (yeah ... washed-up, but an important figure, none-the-less). 4. Dave Holland (his Quintet is/was the best small jazz group of the 21st century so far). 5. Keith Jarrett (jerk/nutcase, but the greatest, period, on his instrument). 6. John McLaughlin (see Hancock). 7. Pat Metheny (for better AND worse). 8. Sonny Rollins (there's really no explanation required here). 9. Pharoah Sanders (the best tenor saxophonist still alive? his 90s offerings, to be sure, do seem to bear that out). 10. Cecil Taylor (see Rollins).

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Sonny Rollins Herbie Hancock Wayne Shorter Roy Haynes Regina Carter George Benson (though he likes to be a popstar) Chick Corea Wynton Marsalis Dave Brubeck George Duke

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