Men please answer (its really long sorry) this boy confused me?

Me and this boy let’s call him Chris, … me and Chris met last year and in school and he liked me last year but I didn’t like him. But earlier this school year in September I started liking him and he liked me still. However recently I thought he liked someone else so I wanted to move on since someone told me he didn’t like me. So I went ahead and told my guy BFF Yesterday (which also Chris’ BFF) that I didn’t like Chris anymore because I thought if I said it to someone else I might start believing it. So yesterday I noticed Chris was avoiding me. I know he knew I was there because every time I came near him he would move to the opposite side and he wouldn’t even look at me. And today in the morning he was doing the same thing. Then in fourth period my math teacher asked if someone would help her pass out papers. It would usually be me and Chris handing the papers out but I didn’t raise my hand because I wanted to finish my home work early. So when he was handing out papers I noticed he put me last in the pile and when he put it on my desk I saw a smile cross his face but I didn’t make eye contact with him since he had been ignoring me. So then I thought he must be playing around with me or playing hard to get because I’ve seen that smile before on some guys. Then in sixth period after class began I looked at him when he was looking at me laughing because of a joke his friend told and then I smiled and said hi because I thought things were back to normal. But then his expression turned serious as if he was mad at me and I said “fine okay forget it.” And I turned away and then I heard him laugh when I turned and I looked back at him and he quickly put on a straight face and I said “what the heck” and then I turned away and he laughed again and I looked at him and said again “what the heck” and he started laughing and I laughed with him and said “you’re insane” and then he kept looking at me and I told him to look at the board and he kept looking and smiling and I laughed at him and went back to my work and he did too. So afterschool I walk with him and his/ my guy BFF (Tristan), and Zack, home. So me and Tristan, Zack began walking home so Chris went next to Tristan and near me. (He seems to always gravitate towards where I am when I’m with guys). So I wanted to ask Tristan (my and his BFF) about Chris’ odd behavior towards me and Tristan asked Zack and Chris if we could talk alone and Chris wanted to know what it was about but we told him it was private so Zack and Chris walked a few feet in front of us and Zack turned around and said “cute couple” Chris kept his face straight just looking at us then I told Zack to shut up and then we began talking and I asked him “Did you tell Chris I didn’t like him anymore.” And he said “yeah” so I said” He been acting weird ever since then” and he asked me” do you still like him?” and I said “yes” and he said “I thought you didn’t” and I said “I lied I still do” I asked him “how did he react when you told him?” and he said “he said nothing he just said okay”(Chris doesn’t express his emotions when asked a personal question he usually doesn’t answer it took me a month last year for him to tell me personal things) and then we became a group again and I saw him and Zack walking partially into the street and I saw a car coming so I gently pulled Chris out of the way and into the sidewalk and I noticed Dean was in the car and I smiled and waved hello and he said hi back. And Tristan said “I like how she just says hi to Dean after pulling you guys out of the way. “And I start talking to Chris and we star flirting like before and I tell him “Dean almost ran you over” and he says “but he didn’t” I say” he almost did you were in the street” and he walks into the street and I join him and he says “this is the street, not the street …etc.” he goes back to the side walk to the street repeatedly. And we start laughing. Then I had to go and we all said goodbye. Can someone explain why he ignored me? I know its long but I tried to be a little more clearly and with good grammar…etc. Can someone please explain the whole “scene” please give me input. Thank you.

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    Cba to read, if u want a answer shorten the text by about 500 words

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